How To Prepare For The Best Cocktail Party This Summer

November 7, 2018

Grey Goose ambassador Joe McCanta shares his top tips for hosting the best cocktail party.

Summer is just around the corner so you’ll no doubt be in full soirée planning mode to make the most of the long, warm days ahead. Here are my top tips to ensure you throw the best cocktail party this season.

Make the party interactive – get guests involved in the cocktail making process. I love setting up a table with a few bottles of Grey Goose along with a table of flavourful mixers and garnishes to suit. Make it zingy with some sour citrus fruits such as lemon, lime and grapefruit then balance it out with some sweet flavours. My favourites are honey, elderflower liqueur, agave and maple. Let the guests craft their own simple and refreshing drinks – you’d be amazed by how much fun it is and as guests explore their taste preferences. Everyone always loves getting their hands dirty and becoming their own cocktail expert!

Keep the food simple – a great summer party is all about simplicity and celebrating the moment with loved ones with you as their host, not stressing out in the kitchen. I like to put out a couple of easy to make yet delicious options for guests to share, like a plentiful meat & cheese board with quality produce from the local farmer’s market. This also guarantees the cocktails will always steal the show.

Don’t forget the music – the best way to create a memorable party is to really curate everything from the food and drink to the music and the guest list. I always ask my music-loving friends to create a playlist ahead of time that you know will set the mood whether that’s a relaxed afternoon BBQ or a late-night dance party.

Don’t skimp on the ice – this might seem like a technicality but on those balmy summer days you’re almost always going to need twice as much ice as you think to keep your drinks (and yourself) cool and refreshed.  

Joe McCanta

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