How To Stop Chasing Happiness And Instead, How To Be Happy Today

August 18, 2021

Fleur’s top tips for living well in these uncertain times.

Fleur Chambers is a Melbourne based Mum of three boys. She is also the meditation teacher, philanthropist and creator of boutique ‘feel good’ meditation app, The Happy Habit. Her guided meditations have been downloaded 1.3 million times in 35 countries.

Fleur is a finalist for her work as a meditation teacher and entrepreneur in four categories, Women’s Champion, Health and Wellbeing, Global Brand and Digital Innovation, in the 2021 AusMumpreneur Awards. 

Fleur says: “Happiness isn’t about always smiling, getting what you want and life turning out exactly as you planned. Happiness involves growing a lasting sense of peace, purpose and belonging that allows you to feel engaged with the things and people that matter, and more resilient in times of challenge and change. It’s more like smiling on the inside. The best part, this happiness is unwavering, it’s on your terms, and it actually lasts.”

After living with chronic pain for almost a decade, Fleur was eventually diagnosed with fibromyalgia (a central nervous condition with no cure) in 2019. Fleur pivoted her business from face to face classes and built The Happy Habit Meditation app and suite of online meditation courses. 

Chambers states:”Chronic pain can feel like someone has placed a sheet of glass between you and everything you love. Your family, friends, exercise, social gatherings and the spontaneity and ease of life. Sometimes you just want to stay in bed and hide from the world. Over the years I’ve learnt to practice radical acceptance of myself, and my life. I’ve also been brave enough to see that my pain is my greatest teacher. It has taught me the importance of rest, asking for help, having clear boundaries and respecting my time. It has encouraged me to deepen my own meditation practice and understanding of the mind / body connection. It has enabled me to face my fears and to get honest about what really matters.” 

Fleur has used this experience to create an online meditation course ‘Breaking the cycle of chronic pain’ which has helped thousands of people around the world respond to their pain in new and liberating ways. 

In Fleur’s personal and professional life she saw how people all around the world were ‘chasing happiness’, telling themselves it was just round the corner. She noticed how all this chasing was making people tired, anxious and dissatisfied with the life that was right in front of them. This led her to create a scientifically backed framework for inner happiness that lasts. 

The Happy Habit Meditation App helps individuals of all ages and life stages master the ten pathways to inner happiness. With The Happy Habit you don’t need to spend hours sitting crossed legged battling your busy mind. Five minutes is enough to get your dose of ‘feel good’ in meditation so you can ‘feel good’ in daily life. Fleur re-directs profits from her business to grass-roots micro projects around the world. 

Fleur says: “My business has provided clean water, malaria nets, safe cook stoves, solar ovens, menstrual hygiene, child care, mental health counselling and maternal health to some of the poorest communities in the world. But more than this, I’ve engaged my students in these projects so as to create a culture of community, connection and hope.” 

The Happy Habit app can be downloaded for free from the Apple store or Google Play. 

Subscribe for just $5 per month or $49 per year to unlock the entire meditation library, micro meditation challenges and guided writing practices.

Fleur’s top tips for living well in these uncertain times:

Never underestimate the power of 3 deep breaths. 

When you notice your stress levels rising, pause and really focus on your breath. Slow it down. Really feel the air move in and out of your body. This small act is enough to circuit break any stressful moment so that you can respond not react. 

Practice gratitude. Make it into a game. Ask yourself, what is the most simple thing I can be grateful for right now? Take a deep breath. Imagine this sense of gratitude washing over your body like a wave washes over the sand.

Connect with nature. Look up at the sky, notice the clouds, the birds in flight. Take your shoes off and feel the grass between your feet, the breeze on your skin or the sun on your back. Notice the season you are in. Nature calms your nervous system. Five minutes outside is enough to reduce your stress levels and relax your body and mind. 


Fleur Chambers

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