Why I’ll Never Regret Pour Choices

June 13, 2017

Do you remember my new wine-making bestie, Paola? I frothed over her chardonnay so much that I tracked it down to a wine bar in West End called Pour Choices.

I would have gone purely for the wine, but next time I’ll return for the whole shebang – Pour Choices has a unique vibe and delicious menu that is a grand setting for Paola’s Robert Channon Reserve Chardonnay.

On arrival

I was kind of expecting dark wood and stuffed armchairs, but Pour Choices is smooth and schmick. I wasn’t surprised when lovely waitress/bartender Shannon told me that it’s very popular with the West End after work crowd on a Friday night.

After ordering a bottle of my beloved chardy, we settled into the funky, warehouse-exposed- brick atmosphere and waited for the chef to do his thing.


This is not your standard pub fare, and it’s not one of those slightly unsatisfying tapas places either. I can never say no to duck, and Shannon recommended the lamb neck for my partner in crime – it’s supposed to serve two, but said partner gobbled up most of my share while I was taking photos…

The Lamb Neck was flavoursome and succulent, with a side of fresh salad and buttery blue potatoes that set off the juicy lamb to perfection.

My duck main looked like a work of art, and I snapped a hundred photos before I took a single bite. The smoky, rich flavours of the duck breast mingled with the toasted velvet of Paola’s chardy in a mouthful that was pure bliss.


When there’s something called “Chocolate Garden” heading up a dessert menu, is there any point reading onwards? As soon as Shannon mentioned “peanut butter log” I was sold, and the dessert outshone my wildest expectations.

Mint sugar glass, moussey chocolate goodness, and a drool worthy peanut butter log were every bit as tasty as the photo looks; it would be worth coming back for the dessert alone.


These mouthwatering dishes are presented to a standard you’d expect in a fancy pants restaurant, yet the vibe in Pour Choices is super chill.

I feel like anyone could enjoy a night out here and feel as fancy as they pleased, and this is the unique atmosphere that will lure me back to this up and coming West End hotspot.

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