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April 27, 2020

Now you CAN have the wines you drink on your sofa hand-selected by the experts you miss. With retail profits going back to them. It’s brilliant.

Head to to register for the MAY 1 launch date!

Numbers are limited (as are the wines).

Sofa Sommeliers was born when two of Brisbane’s hospitality leaders were discussing the dire situation that many of their clients and friends where enduring when, by Federal mandate, restaurants and bars were shuttered.  David Bone from Cuttings Wine Co (a specialist wine supplier to the restaurant trade) and Amelia Taylor from Liquidity Marketing (a specialist hospitality marketing business) were also thinking about all that wine, the limited and artisan grape magic that you can’t buy in commercial retail outlets.

Surely people who had been enjoying these wines in these wonderful venues shouldn’t stop enjoying them just because they are now forced to drink at home?

Together they have launched a practical way to meet the new market demand while championing the latent expertise of Brisbane’s most skilled wine palates in selecting the best wines for drinking on your sofa. Enter Sofa Sommeliers.

Each month four of Brisbane’s leading restaurant wine buyers will curate their favourite six wines they are enjoying in isolation. That’s the wines of one venue showcased each week.

Inside that carefully curated six-pack will be notes from the person that has selected the wines; explaining why each wine has been included, suggestions for food pairing, and even occasionally adding recommendations on what to watch while sipping on the sofa! There will also be a short introduction to your wine curator – not War & Peace, more a glimpse into why they do what they do and why they love it.

The first venues will be announced on Friday May 1st. But for those wanting a little more intel, think Maeve Wine in beautiful Fish Lane, Bar Alto in the Brisbane Powerhouse and local favourite BillyKart West End!

“The best thing about Sofa Sommeliers is that with each six-pack of wine sold a share of the retail profits goes back to the selecting restaurant. So, it is guilt free drinking for a good cause. Surely, the more wine you buy….the more charitable you are!” said David Bone.


  • SOFA SOMMELIERS will officially launch on Friday May 1.
  • Wine lovers are encouraged to register their interest NOW as numbers are limited
  • All wine orders will be contactless delivered to your door within 48 hours of ordering.

Also, what IS a Sommelier?

Firstly, it’s pronounced suh-mal-‘yAy.

A Sommelier is much more than a waiter that knows the difference between a Riesling and Chardonnay. They are trained and knowledgeable in all facets of beverage service (beer and spirits included). They are principally in charge of the curation and commercial outcomes of the wine list of a venue, just as a chef designs and costs a menu. They carefully balance a list to match food, customers and commerce – often a juggle that requires nimbleness and cleverness. These wines are their secrets!

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