It’s Gelatissimo’s Festival of Summer! 

November 25, 2021


Celebrate December 1 in truly delicious style with Gelatissimo’s epic  

Summertime celebration. 

The Season of Gelato is finally here and Gelatissimo is welcoming in the first day of Summer  with a national celebration. From unique flavours to $2 scoops and giveaways, ($100 gift  card anyone?), Gelatissimo wants to give back to all their local communities on December 1  in a big, joyful and very delicious way. 

This once-a-year event will see every one of Gelatissimo’s 41 Australian stores serve generous scoops of fresh, creamy gelato for just $2 between 4-8pm*. 

“This has undoubtedly been a challenging, long and often isolating year for Australians. We  want to help change that by bringing some fun, delicious and affordable joy back to our  communities,” says Gelatissimo CEO, Filipe Barbosa. 

What’s more, the event will also herald the official launch of Gelatissimo’s festive flavour – Gingerbread Cookie Dough Made with Buderim Ginger. 

Layers of chunky texture are in every scoop of this decadent Christmas delight, with pieces of  choc chip cookie dough throughout a creamy gelato which has both a ginger cookie  crumble and Buderim Ginger Crème folded through, before being rippled with a ginger  caramel.  

With Buderim Ginger grown at Queensland’s famed Sunshine Coast, you won’t find a more  perfect example of Aussie Christmas in a cup (or cone). 

And if you feel the need to go all out with two scoops for an additional $2, why not pair it  with Salted Macadamia & Dulce de Leche, which sees an irresistible Latin American caramel  fudge gelato sprinkled with salted macadamias?  

With 98% sugar free flavours, made without dairy and vegan options alongside their truly  indulgent deluxe range, try something deliciously different on December 1 and partake in  the most happy, epic and fun celebration this Summer has to offer. 

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