It’s Time We Changed The Way We See Menopause

May 6, 2022

Health and fitness coach, Naz de Bono, wants women to approach menopause without the fear and uncertainty.

Mention the word ‘menopause’ in a crowded lift, and you can expect to see blushes and intense concentration on phone screens from everyone else.

Many women feel that ‘menopause’ and ‘perimenopause’ are taboo language, or secret women’s business. But how can we prepare for something we don’t talk about? How can we take care of ourselves when we don’t understand the changes our bodies are going through?

Naz de Bono, Sydney fitness coach, describes menopause as something that ‘we hide from’. She says, ‘I’m in the middle of menopause and I realised that instead of fighting it, I needed to accept that something profound is happening to me.’ 

Naz’s brand new program, Xali, officially launched its online platform this week. Xali is Australia’s first training, dietary and wellness program to cater to women going through biological changes with a focus on perimenopause and menopause.

As part of launch preparations, Xali undertook research to garner insights into Australian’s perspectives of perimenopause and menopause.

The research found that while 90% of Australians claim to know what it is, over half of those incorrectly defined the definition of menopause. And only 38% of respondents claim to know what perimenopause is.

In addition, 78% of all women feel people don’t really understand the impact menopause has on women’s lives. 

The sense of shame and secrecy around peri and menopause is most felt by women aged 18-39. Interestingly, the same group of younger women have overwhelmingly expressed the want to be more open about this stage of life, with 79% of respondents agreeing or strongly agreeing.

Naz says that the idea for Xali was born after her personal journey with peri and menopause, an ‘incredibly lonely and confusing time’.

Xali is a daily personalised program that provides workouts, recipes, education, and support to women based on the four pillars of Move, Eat, Learn & Connect. Xali creates recommendations for women bursting with energy but also provides options for the days when they want to pull back.  As women experience biological changes, the way they exercise needs to be adapted. A shift in hormones means women have a higher risk of injury, and Naz has created a library of workouts with this in mind.


Xali offers: 

  • A personalised daily workout recommendation based on our users journey preferences (level of fitness) paired with their daily emotion and intention (i.e. do you want to work hard, or do you need to be nurtured). Accessible online from any device,  the majority of Xali workouts are around 30 minutes in length and do not require any additional equipment.


  • Personalised daily recipe recommendations based on members’  journey preferences and dietary requirements paired with their intention (e.g. refuel or an immunity boost). There is also an incredible library of over 250 recipes to choose from.  All of Xali’s recipes have been created and tested by clinical nutritionist and chef, Samantha Gowing.


  • Thoroughly researched information on health and hormones aimed to arm members with knowledge. 


  • Access to a community of like-minded women.

Naz says, ‘As a woman, we are more than just our physical shell. Once I realised that I needed to express the emotional as well as the spiritual side of myself,  I was able to find true wellness.

As a Health Coach I’ve been trying to train myself back to my 30’s. But I realised that woman has gone. There’s a new woman, the wise woman that I’m in the process of meeting. But I’m scared. Because I don’t want to become irrelevant and that is keeping me disempowered. We need to find ways to meet this woman, find out who she is, what she looks like and how she occupies space in this world. Xali is a safe space to do this, and I invite everyone to join our community.’

After an initial 14 day free trial, pricing for Xali  starts at $8 per week ($420 annual 12 month subscription, 3 months at $50 per month or $75 month to month). Xali is available via:

No more secrecy or shame. As Naz says, ‘It’s not menopause, it’s metamorphisis.’