Just Stop Mingling

March 24, 2020

You may have seen some posts going around about doctors overseas who are working like they are at war…of which they are. A different kind of war, a war we have never seen on such a large scale before in our lifetime. Dr Lauri Harrisberg, a young and healthy Australian mum and emergency doctor gave us permission to share with you her words that are circling on Facebook at the moment, her post has already been shared 2.8k times… we though this was something that should be shared around… Are you willing to say sorry?

This is me, a frontline emergency doctor, and my happy baby boys. We are about to be rattled by the impending #covid crisis.

A small request. If you’re going out, travelling, having lunch, drinks, gym or whichever social activity you normally do, just do one thing for me. Look people in the eye and say “I’m sorry”.

Say you’re sorry that your friend’s dad may die because of you. Sorry that your colleague’s 8 month old infant is in ICU. Sorry that your GP is intubated and ventilated, infected by you.

If you can’t say those words, then you shouldn’t go out.

Until Australians are more compliant than complacent, we have to lockdown Australia. Because social distancing relies on the respect, trust and integrity of others, and Australians have recently demonstrated that we don’t have these qualities.

As doctors our social responsibility is to treat the sick. When we soon run out of masks and gloves, perhaps the risk to our own lives will prevent us from treating others. All we’re asking is that you help us and uphold your social responsibility. Just stop mingling.

So, will you say sorry to my young sons, if they are left without a mother, because of you?

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