KAAIAA – The Workout To Change Your Life, Launches in Australia 

May 25, 2021

Officially launching its Bondi Beach and Surry Hills studio classes and “On Demand” online platform today, KAAIAA is a training program to go beyond just the physical self.

Created by Australian Leah Simmons, KAAIAA is a complete workout that trains the 4 Pillars of Health (Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual) to strengthen, support and enhance EVERY aspect of your life.

KAAIAA is a dynamic combination of 4 proven modalities (Breath Work, Body Work, Meditation & Integration) that focuses on cultivating energy across each of the pillars, and when performed consistently, can have profound effects in every area of your life.  

1. BREATH WORK (for Mental Health)

● Increased oxygen intake for laser-sharp focus and a clear mind

● Stimulates nervous system and activates neural pathways

● Brings you into the present moment for clarity and calm

2. BODY WORK (for Physical Health)

● Functional strength sequences for a strong, resilient body, deep core conditioning, postural alignment and increased mobility.

● Aerobic and anaerobic sequences for cardiac health.

● Regressions and modifications for all levels.

3. MEDITATION (for Emotional Health)

● Balance and align the energy centres.

● Guided meditations centred around self-love, compassion, gratitude and awareness.

● Mindfulness practices to connect you to your centre.

4. INTEGRATION (for Spiritual Health)

● Foster a deep connection to your true self.

● Remove limiting beliefs, limiting language and old conditioning.

● Understand your potential and release the behaviours that hold you back.

Through music, movement, strength and stillness, KAAIAA encourages people to go beyond the intensity of the surface, past the noise of the mind and find the strength within to truly transform their lives.

KAAIAA has captured the hearts, bodies and minds of Australians everywhere and is taking the fitness world by storm. Over 3,000 people have already attended a KAAIAA class including identities Pip Edwards, Danielle Cormack, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, James Magnusson, Michael Clarke, Australian Tennis Open athletes, model Montana Cox, actor Joel Edgerton and boxing legend Mike Tyson.

Leah says, “KAAIAA is the difference between working out to change your body and working out to change your life. I wanted to take everything I’d learned about the importance of energy, as well as my years as a PT, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Pilates Instructor and create a hybrid that successfully trains not only your body… but your mind and your soul as well. Time-poor Aussies are increasingly looking for ways to incorporate meditation and mindfulness practices into their day, and KAAIAA covers it all – in one hour. I am so proud to be launching KAAIAA in my home country first, before taking it to the world.”

KAAIAA On-Demand is available via www.kaaiaa.com to access a variety of 30, 45 or 60 minute classes. After an initial 7-day free trial, pricing for On Demand starts at as little as $5 per week.

KAAIAA Studio Classes are held at Circa BC, 75A Gould Street, Bondi Beach and Paramount Recreation Club, 2/80 Commonwealth St Surry Hills.  For class times or to book visit www.kaaiaa.com

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