Kelly Is Back For Round Two And Ready To Win

April 9, 2018

Lounge chairs around the nation, regardless of their colour will be turning starting Monday the 16th of April as Channel 9’s much anticipated singing competition for undiscovered hopefuls, ‘The Voice!’ hits our screens! #SheSociety had the chance to sit down and chat to superstar judge Kelly Rowland on all things The Voice, family and fashion.

Coming back for her second season, Kelly gave us some inside information as to what we can be expecting with some shocks that see contestants bend some rules. “I think some of the viewers will have some very strong opinions on (some of the contestants) but nevertheless it is truly entertaining being a coach!”

When asked about what Kelly listens out for when it comes to turning that iconic red chair, Kelly says she is looking for a unique voice and sound.

“I wanna be surprised, I mean of course I love soul and I’m definitely ready to hear some soul, but that doesnt matter if someone is singing a country song, as long as it feels like their heart and soul is into it then that’s what I really wait for.”

Last season, Team Delta won and Kelly made it no secret what her goal is coming into this season. “She won last year and I wanna win this year!” Kelly says, but reassured us that amongst the group they stick together as women and counts Delta as a close friend. “She went house hunting with me last year and helped me find my home in Los Angeles. So yeah she’s my buddy!”

This year, The Voice welcomes new comer Joe Jonas to the judging panel and Kelly shares that he is the sneak of the bunch.

“He’s like the silent sniper, you would think you are the only person looking at someone and then your fellow coaches make it obvious that they like someone. But Joe has a way of talking to people and you probably think he’s not going to turn his chair, and then at the very last minute he turns his chair and you’re like “I did not need this today”. But nevertheless he is so entertaining and I love being around him”.

Growing up within the music industry with the female girl power and empowerment she pursued through Destiny’s Child, we spoke to Kelly about the rise of women in Hollywood and the #MeToo movement. Kelly optimistically shared her take on the future in music and our younger generations, and how they inspire her to keep pushing for messaging she sang about at the start of her career.

“The newer generation actually really inspires me, the reason why I say that is because I feel like they are so vocal now….they just feel like they have to speak up on things that are really important to them…this new generation is not here to play, they are ready and especially the females. Tthey know who they are, they feel like they have been given the tools to raise their voices and make their demands heard and I really respect that and I love that”.   

#SheSociety asked one question that we know all mothers want to do… How do you do it all? Kelly does it all and still manages being a mother to her son Titan, aged 3. But she does have some advice to all the busy mothers out there.

“Thank god for FaceTime! But I am grateful for my support system and grateful for people around me who remind me that being away from him is actually helping to support his little lovely lifestyle that he has, and so I’d like to keep that. He is growing up in a way that I didn’t and it’s everything that I’ve prayed for. So if that takes me being away from home then so be it but he is definitely taken care of and I make sure of that”.

When she’s not being styled by the amazing stylists on The Voice – there are two key Australian designers that Kelly likes to stick with.. “an Australian designer that I am really loving right now and I think the whole world is would be Zimmermann and Steven Khalil”.

Kelly says the best piece of advice she has ever been given is to trust yourself.

It sounds cliche but definitely,listen to your gut…..Women have the best intuition and we should never second guess ourselves”.

And at the end of the day, Kelly says that she always reminds herself that she is truly blessed.

“I am grateful to see another day, always”.

It is safe to say that Kelly is in no Dilemma, teaching us to be a Survivor, paying her Bills Bills Bills, and Girl, she is one Independent Woman!

You can catch The Voice on Channel 9 from this Sunday the 15th of April at 7pm as we sit back and turn our chairs for the start of the Blind Auditions!


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