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June 7, 2017

Kylie Lowe is one of those people who thrives on giving.

The ever-smiling mother of two daughters is the inspiration and driving force behind the innovative social enterprise Joining Hands which is dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of homeless and vulnerable young people

It is a simple story of a woman who is passionate about living her life with purpose and joy, setting her sights on inspiring and ensuring others have the opportunity to do the same.

With more than 17 years experience working in the youth homelessness sector it is only natural then that these are the ones to benefit from Kylie’s passion and subsequently the passion and endeavours of Joining Hands..

In 2008 after being diagnosed with cancer, the mad surfer, Nia dancer and psychology graduate (to name but a few of her achievements), decided to work towards providing health and wellbeing services to these vulnerable young members of society.

The following year she began running health and wellbeing clinics partnered with Brisbane Youth Service – Centre for Young Women.

She started offering monthly free 3-4 hour Complementary Health Clinics to homeless young women and their children.

Many of these young people had suffered trauma and abuse and were left with limited to no support or the financial means to access other means to bring about health and wellbeing.

“The results were amazing,” said Kylie, who is passionate about social justice, youth homelessness, healing, health and wellbeing for all.

“Up to 15 young women would turn up for the monthly clinic, allowing only 10 minutes each. Even with this limited time for treatments, the results continued to be profound.

“The young people often shared that it was the first time they had ever been touched in a healthy non-violent way.”

But it was a constant struggle funding the clinics and taking the health and wellness program to even more young vulnerable people, and in 2011 Kylie and friends Jill McKay and Mark Teis set about creating Joining Hands which began the following year.

The programs provided by Joining Hands is based around what they call GiveBack for social change which involves what are known as “ambassador” services.

For every paid health and wellbeing service provided by Joining Hands ambassadors, who are listed in their website, Joining Hands gives back one health and wellbeing service to a homeless and vulnerable young person through the GiveBack Program.

“Since Joining Hands began its GiveBack Program in 2012 we have provided over 2700 health and wellbeing sessions to homeless and vulnerable young people and people in the community,” said a clearly proud Kylie

Joining Hands has a long list of health and wellbeing businesses who are listed ambassadors and listed in their website.

People can also visit Joining Hands Buy Well Shop where they can buy GiveBack health and wellness sessions for a homeless and vulnerable person.

For as little as $5 they can give access for a young person in need to a life- changing yoga class, haircut, fitness class, dance class, nutrition class, mindfulness session, massage and more.

Kylie said Joining Hands partnered with Brisbane Youth Service and the Gold Coast Youth Service.

“These organisations value and understand the service we offer their young people,” she said.

  1. What are your 3 favourite Brisbane cafe’s you like to visit when you are craving your morning coffee?

Don’t drink it!

  • Love a chai from Wholesomeness in the Grange
  • Love a chai from Miss Audrey Coffee in Bardon
  • Love a smoothie from Evolve Café in Teneriffe 

I love supporting these amazing cafes that support wellness for youth homelessness in Brisbane as an Ambassador for Joining Hands.

Have you lived in Brisbane your entire life? What keeps you from moving anywhere else?

I landed in Brisbane in 1996 after growing up in Toowoomba and then moving to Melbourne! I love Brisbane for its people, community, weather, friendliness, healthy lifestyle, easy access, close to my favourite surfing spots, exciting social enterprise movement, Nia dance, and the amazing friends that I have met and surround myself with. 

Summarise Brisbane in 3 words…

  • Friendly
  • Community
  • Joy full

Where is your favourite place to long lunch with friends in Brisbane?

Libertine in Paddington

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