Mango & Chia Smoothie

July 11, 2017

Like most people, I love fruit that is in season – it tastes better, is fresher, cheaper and is more environmentally friendly! 

Unfortunately mangos do not thrive in Winter so to get my fix this time of the year I have to buy them frozen… Mangos besides being incredibly delicious have a high content of vitamins (A, C & B6) and also contains magnesium and potassium! These juicy suckers are also known for improving digestion, eye health, lowering cholesterol, alkalising the body, and even assisting in the prevention of cancer. 

I eat mangos daily when in season so was very happy to have come across a frozen alternative. With that being said, I am now able to make my families favourite Mango & Chia Smoothy which I have shared with you below. As per my usual style this is a quick and easy recipe that is straight up yummy! 

– 1 peeled, pitted and sliced fresh mango

– 1 peeled and sliced banana

– 3 spoons of greek yogurt

– 2 spoons of chia seeds

– almond milk

Blend on a high speed until smooth. Voila!

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Leonor Rivallo
Leonor is one of the leading experts in the fitness industry. As a former ballerina and flamenco dancer, she now specialises in Pilates and fitness training. Her fitness philosophy is based on being innovative, creative and up to date on the latest toning and fitness techniques, which helps her to motivate her clients to reach their goals through a structured exercise and healthy eating regime.

She combines a challenging career and business with motherhood and would like to share her online body plan, so YOU too can achieve a healthier, stronger and more toned body.

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