Meet Nardia Joy

May 8, 2018

Nardia Joy certainly lives up to her name, bringing the promise of joy and change to founders, leaders, CEOs and startups. As a mentor Nardia helps them to harness who they really are, making the most of their natural gifts and channelling them in a positive way.
Getting into the career of mentoring by chance, Nardia was asked by a friend to meet with wine company Vinomofo’s founders. She flew down to Melbourne, and after working with them, and thinking it was a one off gig, it ended up becoming Nardia’s career.
Nardia was originally a clinical Naturopath in Brisbane for 15 years, where personal growth was her specialty.
She has a philosophy in which she subscribes to and which acts as the foundation of her work.
“I believe that we are all born worthy, and that we are here to expand and to live our highest potential. That our lives and the things that we have and we don’t have shape and guide us, and when we truly understand that, we can harness the adversity in our lives,” Nardia said.
“I believe that we need to use that adversity in our lives like a weapon so that we can actually keep developing and expanding and create the best life that we can.”
“I believe that we need to take responsibility for how we feel and what we do. That everything is actually a choice and that we get to rewrite our own ending in the decisions we make.”
She also believes that epiphanies don’t change our lives, instead it comes down to what we think and what we do in our day to day lives that really has the most impact and potential for transformation.
According to Nardia to achieve happiness or success, we need to become more self obsessed. “I mean that in the best way possible, focus on you, master your mind, your emotions, your relationships and your career and then you can achieve anything.”
Nardia also gave her three top tips for entrepreneurs when they are starting out in their businesses:
  1. “You have to believe in yourself 100%, if you want to do this and you want to pull it off you have to believe in yourself, you can’t undermine and doubt yourself all day everyday and then expect to succeed.”
  2. “Own what your gift is, know it, don’t be ashamed of it and do it as much as possible and then outsource or surround yourself with people who do everything else way better than you.”
  3. “Don’t compromise on your need or desire for success, do whatever it takes, you’ve got to be willing to let some things go and adapt and focus on what works.
Two of the most life changing moments in Nardia’s life, nursing her sister to her death and having her two boys helped her see how precious life really is. “Life is short and beautiful and everything that we get caught up in, worry about like traffic and time or what people think is completely irrelevant. Life is about love and connection.”
“I just feel like we take life for granted and we get lost and stuck in vanity, money and time and we lose the point of what it’s all about and how precious it really is. When you care more about time than about love you’re in a world of hurt,” Nardia said.
Nardia finds immense joy through her work, as she loves working with people and watching them thrive and discover their gifts and set themselves free from past expectations or limitations.
“I find people extraordinary and we are all so unique, every single one of us, with our potential and our purpose. Watching successful people become happy and peaceful, or any part of somebody bettering themselves through the work I do, I just find magnificent,” Nardia said.

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