Money Saving Tips from Caroline Jean-Baptiste

September 23, 2020


Buckling down to save for buying your own house? SheSociety shares the simple ways you can save from award-winning mortgage broker, entrepreneur and mentor, Caroline Jean-Baptiste.

Do you want to save instead of spend? Here are some of my top tips to get your bank balance going up instead of down. 

  1. Cancel a subscription for six months. Do you really need Netflix, Stan, Foxtel & Spotify? Getting rid of just one for 6 months would save you at least $60.
  2. Hold on to your phone for an extra 6-12 months after it’s out of contract. My phone bill dropped from $105 per month to $28 a month and my phone is still in great condition. Doing that for 6 months saves $462; 12 months saves a whopping $924. I’ve recently heard about Kogan phone plans offering prepaid service for under $200 a year. There are plenty of deals available once you start looking.
  3. Skip your daily skinny latte. This could be hard if you need caffeine to kick-start your day, but it could be good for your health as well as your wallet, saving over $1,500 a year.

These are only 3 of the 23 tips Caroline shares in her book Buy That House: How Kickass Women Make It Happen.

To read more of Caroline’s tips and to find out how you can buy that house, take a look at Caroline’s book, which you can purchase here!

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