Mood Tea Launches To Fight Youth Suicide And Lift The Mood Of A Generation

March 2, 2021


All profits fund mental health programs for young Australians 

Purpose driven tea brand MOOD has a mission to save lives by making a  positive impact on young people’s mental health.  

Every day nine people in Australia die by suicide1. It is the leading cause of death for young people in this country2. Almost  half of all Australians will experience mental ill-health in their lifetime3.  

MOOD has been created to help tackle this crisis, with all profits from the unique tea brand going directly to charities  working on the front line of youth mental health.  

Jenni Hayward, General Manager of MOOD says, “Youth suicide takes more young lives each year than cancer or car  accidents, yet very few people are talking about this crisis. So, we created MOOD to draw a line in the sand, and literally  lift the mood of a generation.  

“We want to make it easy for people to save young lives while taking an important moment for themselves each day.  Working closely with tea experts we have crafted premium, delicious blends with mood positive ingredients to benefit the drinker. By choosing MOOD, consumers can sip selflessly knowing that all profits fund youth mental health programs.” 

Each of MOOD’s four blends has been carefully crafted with mood positive ingredients to help the drinker focus, de stress, sleep or relax. 

From today tea lovers can get hold of MOOD exclusively online at, and can also subscribe to MOOD on  Demand to get this special tea delivered to their door every month.  

The delicious tea range is caffeine-free, made with natural ingredients and comes in premium pyramid (non-GMO,  biodegradable) tea bags. The range includes: 

  • Happy Days (Passionfruit & Vanilla) – a sweet and fruity blend containing Ashwagandha, an ancient ayurvedic  super-herb used to reduce cortisol, anxiety and stress and boost energy  
  • Get On Up (Pineapple & Cinnamon) – enlivening and invigorating, this blend is a fruity hit with a spicy kick to  promote mental alertness and stimulate blood flow, with a touch of lemon balm to help calm anxiety
  • Be Kind, Unwind (Peppermint & Passionflower) – creating an island of calm for the drinker to settle themselves,  this brew infuses peppermint to ease muscle tension, passionflower to regulate mood and linden to promote  relaxation. 
  • Sweet lullaby (Rooibos, Liquorice & Vanilla) – calming, comforting and relaxing, this blend includes skullcap root  to promote sleep and relieve anxiety plus rose petals to help drinkers get lost in dreamy swirls 

MOOD tea is created by UnLtd, and backed by the media, marketing and creative industry. The profits from MOOD tea  will fund mental health programs run by charities including batyr, Backtrack and Gotacha4Life. 

Nicolas Brown, CEO of batyr says, “Having a cuppa can be a great way to get talking and we hope MOOD will be the start  of many positive conversations around mental health. It’s exciting to get behind a product that uses natural ingredients,  and where funds generated will help organisations like batyr to deliver engaging and educational mental health programs  that aim to smash stigma, empower young people to have those conversations and improve attitudes towards help seeking.”  

Whether purchasing for yourself, as a gift for a friend or to give your colleagues a boost by stocking it in your office, head  to to secure your lifesaving cuppa today.