Musings About Past Travels – The Castle of Münzenberg

April 20, 2020


According to earlier plans for this year, we would now be getting ready to pack for our trip to Europe, that is Italy and Germany. However, I need not explain why this is not happening. In times when you rely on reflection and fond memories, the films my husband took of previous trips no longer evoke slumber whilst watching. Instead I now relive treasured moments of exploring sights and customs other than those in my currently restricted daily life in Aussieland.  

One such recollection was our visit last year to my friend Rosi, whom I met at a bus stop in Schwerin, while doing research in that enchanting town by the lake of the same name. But that is another story. Since the formation of our friendship my husband and I visit Rosi every time we travel to Germany. She lives at the base of the old castle of Münzenberg, north of Frankfurt am Main. While castles can be found all over Germany, Schwerin is famed for it, I have also visited one of the oldest inhabited dating back to the seventh century. Meersburg on the Lake of Constance, which in its long history was once inhabited in mid-1800 by the famous German poet Annette von Droste-Hülshoff. But that too is another story. The lesser known castle of Münzenberg is for me particularly interesting as it provides the backdrop to Rosi’s garden. There we had spent many enjoyable hours, exchanging, apart from other topics, stories about our respective countries.

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