New Research From Afterpay Reveals Australians’ Top Money Worries

January 28, 2021


Byron Bay Astrologer Patsy Bennett releases her guide to help Aussies take  control of their financial future 

With the new year now upon us, many Australians are setting  resolutions and looking to increase their financial wellness in 2021. New research from  Afterpay has revealed that whilst over three quarters (77%) of Aussies have set clear financial  goals, many (76%) are concerned about what the financial future holds in 2021. 

Whether it’s worrying about not having enough money to do the things they love (36%), not  being able to save enough (28%) or spending too much money (22%), many Aussies are  looking to get ahead in 2021. 

As we kick off 2021 Astrologer Patsy Bennett has revealed how each star sign’s personality  trait could affect monetary goals. 

“Are you an impulsive Aries who is most likely to spend money on a whim? Perhaps a cautious  Capricorn who prefers to manage their money through careful budgeting and financial  planning? Or even a luxe Libra who likes to balance the books but often has a predilection for  luxury goods.  

“Understanding your star sign and different personality traits can be helpful, particularly when  setting daily, weekly and monthly goals. Once you understand these traits you can use them to  your advantage and really take control of your finances,” says Patsy. 

Patsy Bennett’s top tips for taking control of your financial future based on your star sign:  

  • Capricorn – Budgeting and financial planning are your BFF’s, but you don’t mind a  spending spree every now and then. Try not to take on more financial obligations than  necessary and use your ability to reason and strategise to create a solid financial  platform in 2021. 
  • Aquarius – While you prefer tried and tested financial practices, you are also drawn to  digital currencies and new and innovative investments. With the world moving rapidly,  you’ll do well to change your savings and financial investments in line with changing  times. 
  • Pisces – Grounded and practical, Pisces believe all things will sort themselves out in  their own way, but be careful if this leads to avoiding a healthy financial plan. In 2021,  you may be drawn to learn new skill sets, and this will certainly increase your earning  power. 
  • Aries – You are often impulsive which can lead to you spending money on a whim or  rushing into an important life-changing decision without doing your research. Consider  monitoring a budget to help slow down your impulses
  • Taurus – All that glitters isn’t gold, but this doesn’t stop Taureans from enjoying a little  luxury. Consider spending more time and less money on the important areas of your life  – like peace of mind and people you love 
  • Gemini – Natural risk-takers, it’s important for Gemini’s to put in place safe spending  habits and a budget. If you struggle committing to a budget, consider asking a friend or  accountant to help. 
  • Cancer – You are an emotional spender, especially when it comes to larger  investments, and love a little retail therapy also. Be careful to separate emotions from  your purchases and only purchase objects you will benefit from having. 
  • Leo – The sign most likely to over-indulge or splurge, you will learn over time to tone  down your tendency to overspend. To establish a happy medium, remember  moderation in all things will help you stay on a steady financial course. 
  • Virgo – Those born under the sign of Virgo are meticulous with money, great planners  and are excellent at organising a workable budget. Remember to leave a little wiggle  room to enjoy life – within the budget of course! 
  • Libra – Always looking to create balance and harmony, Librans love to balance the  books while also having a predilection for luxury items! Curbing your appetite for stuff  you don’t need will help keep your finances healthy. 
  • Scorpio – Passionate and motivated, you tend to let your impulses do the talking and  can be easily influenced. Try a ‘one step at a time’ approach to a healthy budget and  savings plan, and look for more fulfilling behaviours that don’t involve money. 
  • Sagittarius – You love to live large! Being spontaneous you live life in the present and  worry about money later. Consider how to put a solid budget in place for 2021 and  consider expert advice for larger investments. 

To help Aussies to take control of their finances in 2021, Afterpay allows consumers to pay it  off in four, interest-free fortnightly instalments when purchasing items.  

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