Now’s The Time To #SupportLocal 

March 24, 2020

In Queensland alone, small businesses make up 97.4% of all businesses (Advancing Small Business in Queensland Strategy 2016-2020). Excuse my slang, but that is an absolutely HUGE percentage. In addition to this, according to Queensland Government’s State of Small Business Report 2018, small businesses contribute around $113 billion per year to Queensland’s economy. They truly are the backbone of our country. 

In the current climate it is evident that small businesses are taking a hit throughout Australia, and when looking at the stats above if they take a hit, so do we. However thinking positively, this is the perfect chance for us as a community to go back to basics, and support our local small businesses.

Even with the challenges ahead of them, there are a number of small businesses who are thinking positively and adapting their methods. With a number of people in self-isolation, businesses like BnB Fresh are putting together specialised packages to helpfully deliver fresh produce to your doorstep. For those of us who were a bit late to the whole panic buying situation (guilty), this means we won’t have to rely on the manky packet of frozen beans which has been continually pushed to the back of our freezer for a number of months (also guilty), and can actually get a decent variety of fresh produce. 

Likewise, if you are a carnivore scarred by the lack of meat in the large supermarket chains, check out local butchers who actually have an ample supply of meat. Businesses such as Brisbane Valley Protein, are offering meat packages in various sizes which means you won’t be left crying over your minceless tacos ever again (again…you got me…guilty). Services like this mean you won’t have to take one step out of your island of isolation, and can receive quality products without the risk of going to the shops only to find they don’t have what you need. 

In all seriousness though, small businesses are and will continue to struggle because of  COVID-19. You may not even really realise just how many of your local stores are small or family run businesses. 

Take for example, Market Central in Lutwyche who are not only almost completely occupied by small businesses, but these small businesses are also family run. Even though a company may seem like a large business because it’s in a shopping complex or franchise, often there is a family behind the scenes making it work to deliver your services and needs. 

So if anything, we should be panic buying. But it should be at the small businesses. Not for our own gain but for theirs. The next time you need to stock up, why not take a moment to do some research for local stores around you and #supportlocal. 

You can start by checking out the three mentioned in this article. A simple like, share or order could mean the difference between operating or closing for these businesses. So gather that Aussie spirit we all harp on about, and #supportlocal. 

  • BnB Fresh: (deliver to Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast as well) 
  • Brisbane Valley Protein | Meat From The Farmer:
  • Market Central Lutwyche
    • Not only has the 3 large food retailers Woolworths, Coles and ALDI but also has a number of specialty stores such as Farm Fresh, The Source Bulk Foods & Steak Kings. It also has all of your medical needs with Terry White Chemmart, Lutwyche Family Practice, QML, Laraghy & Chan Optometrists and a number of food outlets for a quick bite to take away.

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