Outdoor Adventure For The Disabled

January 18, 2019

Queensland not for profit social enterprise organisation has launched a crowdfunding campaign to enable it to build a foundation to improve accessibility and social opportunities for young adults with disabilities looking for meaningful access to environmental and outdoor adventure activities.

Donation will help Nature Freedom start recruiting to run outdoor inclusive adventure programs (kayaking, canoeing, bushwalking etc) for the next 12 months.

A core element of Nature Freedom emphasises personal and professional development through self-discovery, adventures and environmental action.

“We focus on improving social inclusion and accessibility for young people to act and lead on matters that are important to them by collaborating and connecting existing services, programs and projects on an expanding basis,” the spokesman said.

Mathew Townsend, a founder and CEO for Nature Freedom has disabilities, but gaining inclusion and access for his passions in environment and outdoor adventure has been challenging due to lack of accessibility and awareness about his disabilities.

Mr Townsend, who has a Master’s Degree in Environmental Management, said: “The stark reality is  that Australia is currently ranked 27th out of 29 OECD developed countries in disability labour force participation and ranked last in poverty and inclusion.

“Education and wellbeing aren’t up in the ranks either.

“Overcoming the challenges and barriers is a must, seeking positive social impact with our communities and government showing why inclusion and social opportunities is important for all young adults.

“After our first events in kayaking and bushwalking we had participants who found their lives connecting with the environment with other people who have similar passions. This is super important for next generation of environmentalists and emerging leaders.”

More information about Nature Freedom is on its website: www.naturefreedom.com.au

Pledges for the crowdfunding campaign: www.startsomegood.com/nature-freedom

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