Outside Space Makeover: 6 Simple and Impressive Ideas

August 6, 2018

Do you feel like you spend too much time in front of your computer looking at amazing outdoor designs instead of enjoying your own patio? Well, you might need to conduct a little makeover that will rekindle your love towards your patio! Here are a few simple yet impressive ideas that will fit perfectly in your patio!

Get some shade

If all your patio needs is some comfort during a hot day, then your first step towards a perfect patio is creating some shade! Luckily, today you have countless options, from classic pergolas and gazebos to minimalist shade sails with added UV protection! However, if you’re looking for something less permanent, you can always opt for stylish blinds or umbrellas. These allow you to move your shade with the sun and even update colors easily and quickly.

Provide privacy

One of the best things you can do for your patio is boost its privacy. There’s no way you can completely relax in your space when you know there are curious eyes spying on you and checking out your patio. Luckily, there are easy and beautiful ways you can shield your space from prying eyes. You can invest in everything from privacy screens and green walls to tall planters and curtains! These privacy additions will not only allow you to completely relax in your space, but also add charm and uniqueness to your patio!

Light up the place

Lighting really makes all the difference, yet still, it often goes neglected! So, don’t make the same mistake as other patio owners, but light up your space with some warm illumination. You can’t really go wrong with classic bistro lights and string lights. Improve their look with cute and colorful pennants and voila! However, if that’s not elegant enough for you, you can always invest in some stylish hanging pendants. They come in many sizes, shapes and styles and will give your patio a sense of drama and luxury! Plus, they will give you perfect lighting for various tasks and make your entire home Instagram-ready!

Boost comfort

One of the reasons people don’t use their patios as much as they should is the lack of comfort. Outdoor seating is known to get very uncomfortable very fast which can quickly chase you to your living room sofa. However, you can opt for some cozy outdoor lounge furniture specially made for Saturday get-togethers and lazy Sundays on the patio. The best outdoor seating combo is one two- or three-seater sofa accompanied by two cozy armchairs. And don’t forget a nice coffee table or some practical side tables that will hold your evening cup of tea or your reading!

Awaken the master chef in you

If you love to cook outdoors, but are just not thrilled with your wobbly grill and the lack of food prep area, you need to invest in an outdoor kitchen! Those blessed with a spacious patio can spare one corner and turn it into a nice little kitchen perfect for summer BBQs and family luncheons. However, if space isn’t your forte, settle for a stylish outdoor bar where you can mix cocktails and prepare fresh cups of tasty coffee!  

Don’t throw away, reuse!

Every patio remodel will sprout a few things you don’t really need anymore. But, if you’re striving to be greener and more sustainable, think twice about throwing these things away. Instead, think outside the box and repurpose these items into something new and useful. Don’t know what to do with those old ladders? Turn them into a cheeky plant display! Don’t really have the need for that bulky tool chest? Turn it into a stylish bench!

No matter how small or awkward your patio is, with only a few additions and practical remodels, it can become a cozy outdoor retreat for you and your family! When you use these patio ideas and add some of your own, you’ll not even need your living room!


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