Performance Anywhere But A Theatre: Anywhere Festival Is Back!

May 7, 2022

Performance Anywhere But A Theatre: Anywhere Festival Is Back!

Theatre in an underground reservoir? Monologues in a planetarium? Circus in a church? Count us in! Anywhere Festival is up and running again in 2022, with live shows popping up all over Brisbane, Moreton Bay, and the Sunshine Coast in weird and wacky locations – anywhere but a theatre!

Below is a small selection of the dozens of performances on offer. Get around it Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Noosa and Moreton Bay!


Dall’Italia All’Australia (From Italy to Australia) showcases the panoramic views witnessed by Italian, Balkan, Greek, Arabic and Jewish migrants as they stood on the deck of the Regina d’Italia during their journey in 1924. Accompanying the film will be a live Italian folk band Zumpa who will transport you to forgotten Italian fishing villages, moonlit olive groves and a hard life under a hot sun where peasants play music to celebrate life with a fierce sense of humour. 

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DISAPPEARING ACTS – Brisbane (Moorooka, Northey Street, Morningside and Nudgee)

DISAPPEARING ACTS delivers special, intimate, circus performances directly to you, in local parks, and green spaces across our neighbourhood. It is a quirky and skilled circus performance that asks us to reflect on our relationship with nature, how we value the birds, insects, trees and wild spaces that support them.

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(This show is available at multiple locations. Check out the full list on the Anywhere Festival website:


It’s 1987 and the living is good in Queensland. Happy hour is rocking and the Rural Party Fundraiser at the local Bowlo is well underway. You wouldn’t be caught dead being anywhere else. Unlike that poor stiff on the green…

Work as a team or lone wolf, interacting with bent cops, dodgy politicians and local celebrities to uncover motive, means and the murderer in this fully immersive mystery.

It’s the only show where you can solve a murder and win a meat tray!

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Three Grizzled veterans recount tales, act out scenes and sing songs of the seven (or so) seas. Every night they have new stories of the briny blue, never heard before, never told again.

Each show is completely new, original and made up on the spot to tickle your funny bone and pull at your heart strings!

Featuring the talents of Marc Buckingham (who brings his international performance experience and love of the sea to the fore), Brad Daniels (renowned comedy performer, comic writer and improv teacher), and featuring the comedy and musical stylings of Mark Grimes (who will be both performing in the show and providing a soundtrack on the piano accordion- live)!

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SEWER RAT – Brisbane

SEWER RAT, a funny and joy filled dive into the world of rats, is a social commentary on Refugees in Australia. It aims to defuse the flame of this debate and generate conversation rather than argument. The underground tunnels provide a dramatic backdrop to this engaging story of love and connection, racism and acceptance. 

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Pooch Parade – Moreton Bay

Pooches, our four-legged friends have hidden talents. And now is their time to shine on stage!

MC Poochy Paws hosts comedy interviews with five of Moreton Bay’s most talented dogs.

All audience members are invited to dress up and bring their costumed canines to the promenade in the parade finale.

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The Importance of Being Wasted – Moreton Bay

Get into high spirits with this Drunk Classic. In this version of Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest, half the cast will get half cut before delivering Oscar Wilde’s famously wordy witticisms. Can these trollied thespians keep it together?

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Shakespeare at the lake: As you like it – Sunshine Coast

Enjoy the fun and frivolity of Shakespeare’s romantic comedy, As You Like It, in the most stunning of settings. Celebrating nature, shifting gender roles and the absurdities of politics, confusion reigns supreme in this lighthearted, fast paced classic. “All the world’s a stage” in this setting overlooking beautiful Lake MacDonald so prepare a picnic, bring some cushions and get lost in the world of dukes, daughters and disguises; just how you like it!

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Anywhere Festival has performances for everyone in almost every location imaginable. The festival runs until 5 June 2022. Don’t miss out!