Perth Mum Creates Halloween Community For Safe Trick or Treating

October 18, 2019

Aussie Mum Krista Davies has created a unique website and mapping system, enabling Aussie families to find safe homes and communities to celebrate Halloween. The website already has over 4,000 households registered and over 37,000 unique website visitors!

Halloween is often greeted by angst and dismay by many households and leaves the parents of excited children, who want to participate, not knowing which house is Halloween friendly and which isn’t and often leading to disappointment.

This was the exact predicament of a Perth mother, Krista Davies, when her 6 year old son wanted to go trick or treating.

“The first time we went trick or treating, was so disheartening”, says Ms Davies, “we went from door to door with rejection after rejection.”

Realising that Halloween participation is on the rise in Australia and knowing her son would want to continue to participate, Ms Davies decided to do something about it.

In 2018, Ms Davies launched the Trick or Treat Me website and map bringing enthusiastic Halloween participants together, whilst focusing on the importance of community safety when trick or treating.  The response from the community has been tremendous.

“The feedback from parents and communities has been overwhelmingly positive”, says Ms Davies, “and the joy on the faces of the kids who come to homes who are happy to receive them makes it all worthwhile.”

By registering on the Trick or Treat Me map, householders can let trick or treaters know they are happy to be spooked, and little ghosts and ghouls can find the best haunting spots and homes to receive their coveted ‘treats’.

Last year’s Trick or Treat Me launch saw over 4,000 households register, 37,000 unique visitors and over 115,000 page views across the 2018 Halloween season and as a result has households registered all over the country and even into New Zealand.

*Research shows that in 2012, 51% of families with school aged children planned to celebrate Halloween.  This year, the research shows up to 83% plan to celebrate it.

“It’s no longer a question of whether Australia is for or against Halloween. The current generation of Australian children are fully invested in Halloween, having grown up with exposure via television, movies and the internet.  Halloween paraphernalia is also stocked in most supermarkets and big chain stores so the real question now is, how we will put our own special Aussie spin on it? Trick or Treat Me is helping that to happen via the Trick or Treat Me Map”, Ms Davies goes on to say.

This year with a new and improved website and map, Krista is anticipating a bigger and better Halloween season for Trick or Treaters!

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