Pirates Of The Caribbean 5: Dead Men Don’t Tell Tales

May 25, 2017

SheBrisbane was delighted to be invited to the red carpet premiere of the latest and possibly last instalment of the blockbuster movie ‘Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Don’t Tell Tales’. This is the fifth film in the franchise yet gauging by the audience reaction there may still be more to come. Fittingly the Australian premiere took place on the Gold Coast, where it was filmed. The beautifully refurbished Star Casino was awash with cast, crew and local dignitaries all looking forward to being the first in Queensland to enjoy this home grown blockbuster which was screening in Jupiter’s Theatre.

The Premiere

The premiere began after a stylish walk along the red carpet. We were treated to footage sharing the story of a surprise visit that Johnny Depp and cast members had made to buoy the spirits of patients from the Lady Cilento hospital. Footage had been filmed courtesy of the hospital’s own Juiced TV, who were also on the carpet interviewing celebrities on the night. The audience teared up at this footage, as it was very special and emotionally charged and the movie hadn’t even started.

Our Premier, Annastasia Palaszczuk, praised the expertise of our Queensland cast and crew whose skills had lured Disney to our shores. Disney- USA and Australian representatives praised the work ethic of those involved in the film and commented on the great locations we have here in Queensland . Locations used ranged from the Southport Spit, Cleveland Point, Mt Tamborine and The Whitsundays. So many in the audience had worked on the film and were extremely proud to have played their part in such an epic movie.

The Movie

The movie takes us back to its generic roots with most of the original cast plus some wonderful newcomers. Queensland’s own Brenton Thwaites plays Henry, a headstrong young sailor from the Royal Navy and Kaya Scodelario plays the brilliant and beautiful astronomer, Carina Smyth. Both are wonderful additions to the cast and it was good to see Brenton looking so at home on the big screen. My family and I have been big fans since his early days in the local TV series – ‘Slide’. He’s come a long way from a young boy growing up in Cairns and comfortably made the role of Henry his own. Carina’s character held her own as the feisty female amongst this motley crew.

Johnny Depp, as anti-hero-Jack Sparrow, is at home in the role which he has made famous and you can see he is still having fun with it. He is pitted against his most formidable foe ever in the shape of Ghost Ship Captain, Spanish legend, Javier Bardem (Captain Salazar). Salazar is bent on killing every pirate at sea, including Jack Sparrow.

Jack’s only hope lies in finding the legendary ‘Trident of Poseidon’. At the helm of his shabby ship, ‘The Dying Gull’, he seeks to reverse his ill fortune and save his own and his crew’s life. He must reluctantly enlist the help of youngsters Henry and Carina in this quest. Special effects are magnificent and will have you gasping. There’s swashbuckling aplenty and the plot twists and turns, turning enemies into friends and seeing ancient wrongs being righted.

Talking to members of the audience they said, “It’s really good. It’s gone back to the formula from the first movies. It was really exciting.’

So for those of you out there (and I know there are plenty of you) waiting for swashbuckling adventure, a star- studded cast, a dose of the iconic Jack Sparrow and plenty of surprises, which I won’t spoil for you here, Disney’s ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales ‘will be screening in cinemas from Thursday. As Jack Sparrow has said, “The seas may be rough , but I am the Captain! No matter how difficult I will always prevail.” If this is to be the last instalment, the ending left me mesmerised and will satisfy and delight the most loyal of Pirate fans.

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