Plans And Priorities In The Life As Mother, Grandmother And Mother-In-Law

May 14, 2019

Plans and priorities

Some people think I have the most amazing life and I do, but it’s not all roses and relaxation. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate what I have, particularly as a retiree, although not everything goes to plan.  

For example, during my recent trips to Melbourne and Sydney I intended to investigate the latest women’s fashions. This quickly dropped to the bottom of my priority list and for good reason.

Let me tell you my shopping story

It was a sunny late Thursday afternoon when I arrived from Brisbane at my daughter’s house in Melbourne. My role as mother and grandmother instantly kicked in. It was also the beginning of the 2019 AFL footy season and my son-in-law had his first footy tipping competition at their home. The big boys bonding began with the mandatory BBQ and beers at their chosen man cave. Respectful of the importance of male bonding, my daughter and two grandsons decided to leave the them in peace.

Meanwhile, on return from my grandson’s footy training, muddy bodies showered and a quick convincing that their homework was in hand, yours truly Nanny Babe & Co escaped to the local Hungry Jacks. This was my grandmotherly sacrifice and one I prefer for emergencies only.

The sun had well and truly set when we finally consumed a diet of salt, fat and sugar drinks. Feeling tired, bloated and unhealthy we managed to return home post fourth quarter. It was a school night and we were keen to hit the sack. I had been on the go since 5.30am.

Melbourne kick off

Friday was another long one and at least it began with a little R&R. I visited my local Melbourne hairdresser (I have a hairdresser in two states) for an overdue haircut and colour. Needless to say I tended to nod off in the salon chair.  

My official role kicked in with after school tennis lessons and cooking dinner while the grandsons showered and dressed in readiness for another outing.

We planned to meet up with my daughter and son-in-law in a downtown Melbourne pub where they had arrived earlier. It was a get-together in remembrance of a family member who sadly died prematurely from pancreatic cancer.   

But grandsons and I had a few things to overcome. It was the first AFL Collingwood match for the season against Geelong, at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG), and on a Friday night. Traffic into the city, from any direction, was congested and slow.

In typical Melbourne style we were also struck with torrential rain. Thankfully it dissipated once we reached the buzzing city. Finding a car park wasn’t difficult, I took advantage of the right hook turns from the left lane. I remember their welcome introduction in Melbourne in the early 1990’s.

As staunch Collingwood supporters my son-in-law was taking the boys to the MCG. Time was not on our side, nevertheless we parked and made a dash to the pub. Luckily we flashed past a few trendy women’s shops on the way.  

After a few hours of mingling and drinking sparkling water from a champagne glass, it was time to find my way back to the car park, at night. Landmarks look different in the daytime. Finally, daughter in the passenger seat, we rolled along with the long line of bumper to bumper cars to the MCG and picked up three grief stricken males. They were coming to terms with the loss to Geelong.  Need it be said this dedicated mother, mother-in-law and grandmother was tired when she hit the pillow at midnight.

No therapy in sight:

At this stage the only fashion stores I managed to briefly window shop were located at the airports, Melbourne’s CBD and via a brief visit to the supermarket.

Saturday, chill out time over brunch at my favourite local Leaf & Vine restaurant with an old friend from squash days.

Sunday morning, time with my grandsons who had already taken advantage of their parent’s permission to play Fornite. It wasn’t long before we were then driving the boys to their practice footy match.

A couple of hours later and we were off again to a 30th birthday party where I managed to relax with my son-in-laws family. Things didn’t stay calm for long as one family member was rushed off to hospital on a false birth alarm. On return home, final homework was completed and bedtime couldn’t come fast enough.  

Monday was here before I could blink. My cousins arrived to take me out for lunch then returned me back in time to attend the boy’s karate training after school. Needless to say no retail therapy opportunities.

Sydney reprieve

Tuesday, I‘m on the airport bus for my Sydney flight. Train, another bus then a welcome glass of pinot grigio was waiting for me at my writing mates house, and shops were closing.

Wednesday all day writers meeting at Sydney’s exclusive Women’s Club.

Thursday I was due to fly back to Brisbane. But wait, there was a window of opportunity. I had a little over one hour before leaving for the airport. My Fitbit was impressed with my step count between the Rozelle and Balmain shops. I checked out sales at local boutiques, styles were noted and purchases made.

Fashion report:

I am pleased to advise that ankle boots with pointed or oval shaped toes are a definite. Heels are of varied thickness and not all high, for boots and shoes. Thankfully the kitten heel is back. Skinny pants remain, while wide leg pants dominate the stores. Skirts and dresses are mostly mid-calf to ankle length or on-the-knee tunic style worn with tights. Pleats are in as is tartan and checks. Dresses are feminine and flowing, or tailored. A wonderful selection for all tastes.

Moral to my story

Priorities a given, never underestimate a woman’s ability to shop under pressure. Our minds are constantly hard at work and outcomes achieved.

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