From A Pub Crawl To A Crab Crawl!

March 1, 2017

You’ve got to love how your plans can change minute…

One minute we were out on Sunday at The Plough Inn at Southbank having just sat down with a glass of vino in hand,  when we got a call from The Courier-Mail to see if were available to attend the 2017 Mud Crab Cup at Gambaro’s Seafood Restaurant.

OMG we were so excited and clawed our way there as fast as we could!

This was their biggest social event of the year and 14th year since its inception.

We were lucky to have Belinda McPherson who is the Fundraising Chairperson of The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund host our table.

We had a delightful group of guests at our table including Ron Yap (CEO for The Luxury Network & CEO/Founder of Prime Time Marketing), Mario Nagy (Principal & Managing Director at Absolute Residential) & other clients of both The Courier-Mail & Quest Newspapers.

There was a 3-course seafood lunch with the most exquisite platters including a 3 hour beverage package, live entertainment, auction prizes and of course, racing mud crabs!

Dozens of mud crabs raced and the event overall raised more than $65,000 for The Courier-Mail Children’s Fund in the process.

Gambaro’s Seafood Restaurant is Queensland’s Most Award Winning Seafood Restaurant and the Gambaro Group own and manage an impressive array of world-class businesses including Gambaro Hotel, Gambaro Seafood Restaurant, Gambaro Function Centre, MG Bar and Black Hide Steakhouse, all situated in Caxton Street Paddington.

We had the most fabulous time, and can’t wait to get our crawl on to next year’s event!

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