Queensland Seniors Month

October 12, 2021


It is Queensland Seniors month this October where people of all ages, cultures and abilities are given the opportunity to communicate through organised events around our communities. Given I fit the senior’s category, I thought it apt timing to provide you with a few insights and events I am involved in to  demonstrate that age is not an issue.

Life after retirement for seniors

I’m also doing this to create more awareness that being a senior and retired from full time work, is not indicative of retired from life. It means we are in a position of freedom of choice with opportunities to tread new pathways.

Seniors have accumulated an abundance of skills and assets all of which can be applied to new adventures and it never seems to stop.  

Believe me when I say there is much to do, with incredible diversity if that’s what you seek. My network keeps on growing to the extent I can’t keep up with everyone but I have met some amazing people, young and old and continue to learn new skills. 

Seniors Insight No.1 – Movies in the making “Lachlan Runs Free”

Here is an insight to one of my many activities I have been involved in since retiring, as an aspiring actor/model. I have discovered there is a demand for mature aged representatives and apart from photo shoots and TV commercials, I have also participated in a few short movies. Some of my roles are voluntary to support community groups or fledging students and others paid work to supplement my income.

This is one of the movies where I have played a small role to support a passionate local community group Brisbane Movie Makers in their 5-minute short film Lachlan Runs Free. The link to film is further below. 

I worked with wonderful young actors Charlie and Oliver and a gorgeous dog called Twix. Twix played out his action role as ‘Dexter’ perfectly by catching a flying frisbie between his jaws as his owner manager Charlie encouraged him close by.  

My role was as a woman called ‘Susan’ who is walking her dog in the park when she comes across young school kids caught up on their mobile phones. A wonderful message in this story. I also talk about this film in my blog www.nannybabe.com

The story

Is a 5-minute drama about a boy facing a choice between screen-time and playing soccer with his friend. The two main characters ‘Will’ played by Charlie Dunn and ‘Lachlan’ played by Oliver Abrey, were the main stars of the show along with ‘Dexter’ the dog and portrayed their characters with ease. This is a lovely, simple, yet powerful story produced by Golden Smile Media in association with Brisbane Movie Makers.  (BMM)


As you watch the film it reminds us how easily we become trapped on our mobile phones, missing out on the basics in life – fun and fresh air. 

Production Crew & Cast of Lachlan Runs Free

Cast: Lachlan – Oliver Abrey, Will – Charlie Dunn, Susan-Ruth Greening, Dexter-Twix & handler Charlie, Young school kids-played by Caitlin Bruce, Cate Nemeth and Amelia Manders.

Director-Glenn Bruce, Producer/Writer & Assistant Director-Phil Huber, Camera-Nigel O’Neill, Murray Mills, Sound-Kathleen d’Costa, Lighting/gaffer/continuity-Mal Dunn, Clapperboard-Midori Huber, Drone operator-Murray Mills, Technical Assistance-Christopher Boniface, Original Music-Christopher Safi 

We hope you enjoy BMM’s short Film



Coming up for Qld Seniors Month with She Society this October: Seniors Insight No.2 my Hot Air Ballooning experience. 

Seniors have much to say and do!


  • BMM is an inclusive and friendly club of passionate, amateur movie makers, who meet twice monthly to network, learn, share and plan projects together. Whilst being a not-for-profit and ‘amateur’ club, we enjoy the company of members with diverse backgrounds, skills and experience, including a few with professional standing.


  • Aligned with the Queensland Governments and Council on the Ageing (COTA) Qld Seniors month supports the states vision of building Age-friendly communities in Queensland. It aims to: improve community attitudes towards older people and ageing, facilitate community participation and activity by older people, including those from Indigenous and culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, enhance community connections and inter-generational relationships.

Brisbane Movie Makers https://www.facebook.com/ GSMfilmproductions 



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