Queensland Symphony Orchestra Launch 2022

October 5, 2021


Recently SheSociety made like 007 and enjoyed a secret super sneak peek at what’s coming for the Queensland Symphony Orchestra for 2022. It’s going to be special as they are celebrating their 75th birthday. We were invited ‘ Behind the Scenes’ to the home of QSO in the ABC Building and were treated to some beautiful music, a look at the program to come and even a special Q and A with some our Orchestra favourites. Our orchestra is accessible to all Queenslanders with school tours, regional concerts and plenty of intimate and grand events to keep us all wanting more in 2022. 

This year the Orchestra has two Concertmasters, the affable violinist and stalwart of the orchestra Warwick Adeney and renowned violinist Natsuko Yoshimoto. Natsuko began our program with a lilting piece that sounded like at least five violinists working together. Natsuko will feature in the Four Seasons concert  in March. 

She says, “ No matter how many times you play The Four Seasons it always feels fresh, vibrant and new.” 

Leading the orchestra is Principal Conductor and Artistic Adviser – Johannes Fritzsch, who is relocating to live in our sunny state and will guide audiences on a journey around the world through music. He plans to bring masterpieces and classic canons alongside many new works from Australian composers, many of whom are from Queensland. Paul Dean was in the audience, as Phoebe Russell and Justin Bullock shared a sample of his new work, 7 Lockdown Miniatures for Double Bass. These longtime friends collaborated on the piece and  watched it evolve.

Phoebe says, “ It’s always really cool to see a piece evolve before it is presented for the first time. This is , of course , something you don’t get to experience when performing a traditional work in the repertoire.” 

Natsuko agreed laughing, “ You don’t have the luxury of asking Beethoven what he meant by that.” 

Audiences can expect many new works and world premieres in 2022 from our very own homegrown composers.

The 2022 season begins with QSO Favourites. Fittingly in the lead up to its 75th year, QSO asked their audience what their favourite pieces were that had been performed in the past. Responses came thick and fast. In February expect a little Beethoven, Mahler and of course Williams Main Title from Star Wars. This concert is guaranteed to send you home humming. 

Love to dance ? How we missed dancing when it was not allowed! Dance Around the World will be a part of Music on Sundays with can cans, waltzes and hoe downs sure to get those toes a- tapping. 

At the launch we were treated to a beautiful solo from clarinetist, Irit Silver, who said her music is freer now she is a mum with lots of other things in her life. Her playfulness shows and you will be treated to her music in Mozart’s Clarinet which will be performed in April.

Families are in for a treat in 2022 with the Family Event Sounds Like an Orchestra in April. This is a great introduction to the instruments where families can meet the fluttering flutes, growling double basses and triumphant trumpets in a fun and interactive setting. Symphonic Santa also in the intimate setting of the QSO building will delight youngsters for the festive season.

For movie buffs the popular Cinematic is back sharing all our favourite movie soundtracks and for those who are new to classical music Superfamous brings the tunes we all know and love conducted by Guy Noble. For the musical theatre lovers , like me, the popular Musical Theatre Gala is back featuring four stellar singers sharing favourite tunes from Chicago, The Sound of Music, Wicked and more. 

Favourite composers like Mahler, Tchaikovsky, Elgar and Mozart will feature throughout this 75th year and QSO favourite Phoebe Russell will shine in November with Mighty Rachmaninov. The ‘ City of Music’ Vienna is revered in Viennese Classics in October. This tribute to the composers who rose to prominence in this great city will be showcased by the talents of the inimitable Guy Braunstein who will perform a  breathtaking solo. 

A special event that I’ll be sure to go along to is the Opera Gala , a concert filled with breathtaking arias, show stopping duets and more. Acclaimed Australian opera stars Natalie Aroyan, Deborah Humble, Rosario La Spina and Jose Carbo will combine with the stellar voices of Brisbane Chorale. One of my teaching buddies is part of the choir so I will be so excited to see her on stage. Conducted by the lovely Dane Lam, who was the conductor at our sneak peek, you will have goosebumps listening as they perform some of the best loved opera hits of all time. Think Madame Butterfly’s love duet or Carmen’s Toreador Song.

This year the Queensland Symphony Orchestra is powered by music. Music to make you think, feel and remember. 

Phoebe Russell said, “ You know when a smell can take you back in time, to a special memory or a special place. Music is like that for me.” 

Irit agreed, “ It can take you back to a perfect moment in time and give you energy. I remember the song that was playing on a sunny day as I looked out the window to see my family playing and laughing in the backyard. Every time I hear that song it takes me back there. “ 

Music can also bring us together as one. Speaking to the other guests sharing delectable canapés and champagne after our mini concert the passion and love for the Queensland Symphony Orchestra was palpable. We all remember crying at our first Concert back after lockdown. Those soaring sounds played live in the Concert Hall cannot be replaced and the shared experience of listening to music is one to be treasured. 

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra is accessible to all and powered by the music in 2022 you can further enjoy the musical energy found in the Heroes and Revolutionaries concert, the whimsical Fantasy and Folklore or the ever popular Harry Potter in Concert. 

Next year in March will be Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix where the whole movie is played in high definition whilst the musicians from QSO perform this magical score. Nicholas Buc will be waving his wand, ahem baton. The younger members of my family head along every year and agree it’s an experience not to be missed. 

Don’t wait another 75 years to head back to our beloved Concert Hall. Many of us at the launch were only recent converts to classical music , yet we all agreed that we are now hooked and I urge you to attend at least once in your life. Be powered by music in 2022 with a range of concerts for every age, stage and musical taste. Tickets for the 2022 Season are on sale now. As Maria von Trapp once said, ‘ Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed hearts open.’ 

It’s time ….. Time to open our hearts.


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