Real Estate Market Trends With Tabitha Robb

November 20, 2018

SheSociety had the chance to ask expert- Tabitha Robb, Buyers Advocate & host on Property Banter, a few questions about the current market, keep reading for her helpful tips!

What trends can home buyers expect across the property market for summer and into 2019?

Flexibility with private sales. Private sales allow buyers a lot of flexibility, as you can insert your own clauses, without pressures from demanding deadlines. However, whilst there are positives, private sales don’t have as much transparency as you can’t see what everyone else is bidding.

A lot more property being offered off market. Summer and early 2019 will have less vendors willing to put their property on the market up front. People will be dipping their toes in the market – by offering their property off market, as it allows them to test the market place without having to spend heavily on all the marketing costs.

What are your top three tips for first home buyers?

Don’t give too much away to your agent. Especially when it comes to budget! At the end of the day agents are working on behalf of the vendor – always keep that in mind.

Do your research. This includes research on what’s happening around the area, amenities, transport, and what’s happening for future community planning.

Also keeping across property news in general. Property news has this perception of being dry and often difficult to understand, but there’s some great easy to consume resources out there. I’m a panellist on one of them, for a web series called Property Banter, which shares weekly industry news, discussing trends, tips and initiatives for first home buyers.

Don’t buy off the plan. People think about the immediate savings and don’t think of property as a long term play. This means whilst existing properties might cost more up front, they perform better in the long run. New properties can often have many hidden unknowns

In a traditionally male dominated industry, what advice can you give women who are looking to get started in a career in real estate?

My advice going into any business would be to really back yourself, believe in yourself and believe in the power of being a woman.

For women looking to get started in real estate, keep up to date with property news, especially news that influences your region.

The real estate landscape is also changing, it’s a lot more trusted now than it once was. Property holds a lot of sentimental and emotional ties, so my advice would be to show people you understand that and confidence from them will follow.

Tabitha Robb

Tabitha is a determined and driven real estate professional, who lives and breathes all things property. With a passion for real estate, she works with a wide range of clients as a buyer’s advocate and vendor’s advocate for Beckett Property, setting her clients up for long-term real estate success. She is a strong believer in the potential for real estate investment to offer lifestyle and financial freedom, and this belief echoes across her day-to-day business approach.

Formerly a competitive athlete, Tabitha maintains a fierce desire to achieve best results, a desire reflected in the outcomes she attains for her clients. Tabitha travels and plays sport, connects with her friends and family and participates in local community fundraisers and charitable foundations, as well as mentoring underprivileged children.

Tabitha is also a panellist on new web series Property Banter, the most uptodate, topical show in property.

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