Renovate Your House Before Selling In The Current Buyers Market

September 20, 2019

It is necessary to upgrade the right items that add value to your home before the property is ready for sale. But how to judge what items need to be done and renovated is something you need to think about, otherwise the return on investment in the renovation project could be quite low. Therefore, before doing any renovation, some thorough considerations need to be given. Here are a few ideas on how to renovate your house so you can increase its selling value.

  1. Open kitchen design

Kitchen renovation is a place where it is very likely to get a good return on investment when selling a house. If there is only one place in a house that can be renovated, then the kitchen should get the highest priority. For almost any home buyer, the kitchen is a place that inspires people and is the easiest place to attract buyers to buy. Depending on the project size and materials/equipment chosen, it costs approximately $5,000 to $30,000. 

If you are going to touch a major part of the kitchen area, such as a wall or a water pipe, it is about the upper limit of the budget and includes the cost of the architect, structural engineer, and plumbers etc. 

For kitchen furniture such as cabinet and benchtop, there can be reasonably priced and more affordable pieces from Ikea or Bunnings. Particularly for benchtops, laminate material are functional, but it seems that the stone benchtops attract house buyers more easily.

  1. Choose the floor

Flooring is a part of the renovation project that cannot be ignored. The flooring is the place to give people a first impression when they step into a house. The style and quality of the floor also affects the value of the house to some extent. 

For example, the Quick-Step series of laminate flooring not only has high-quality products, but also meets the patterns and colors that consumers need. Among them, Quick-Step Eligna is also an excellent choice for residential use. Once laid, the series of wood panels will produce a soft and tasteful effect. In addition, the Quick-Step Majestic collection is widely accepted for its excellent features, exotic tones and oversized floors. Therefore, the choice of the floor is still necessary to choose a good one.

  1. Increase attraction

The whole point of increasing attraction is the scene that the buyer feels when entering your home. What’s more important is to give a good first impression. Painting is considered one of the most cost-effective modifications and is also a proven pre-sale refurbishment technology. Depending on the size of the job and your working conditions, a professional house painter will charge a home renovation fee of more than $2,000. Planting trees or flowers is another relatively low-cost way to increase the appeal of the front and back yards.

  1. Clean and tidy bathroom

A clean and tidy bathroom is also the main focus of the purchaser. In particular, the bathroom is a relatively common place to use, and it is also a relatively complicated place. There may be different ways of handling. The cleanliness of the bathroom reflects the value of the entire house to a certain extent. Clean and tidy, no mold and other features prove that the bathroom waterproof effect is very good, there will be no major problems. In the structure of the house, the drainage system such as water pipes is also very smooth. Therefore, a clean and tidy bathroom is very important for the seller.

  1. Garden design

If you can design a good garden, it is also a very eye-catching design that attracts the eye of the buyer. You can also look for soil and grow plants such as some flesh and ornamental plants. At the same time, it is also possible to establish a vertical garden to achieve the purpose of using bare walls. From a budget perspective, the price will not be very large.

  1. Stay neutral

Neutral styling can help your home attract as many potential buyers as possible. If you have a fireplace and a sofa in the living room, it will not only attract as many potential buyers as possible for potential buyers, but it will also help give them a blank canvas to work in their minds. They need to be able to imagine decorating the room and filling it with their own stuff. Of course, an interior designer or professional stylist can help you shape this look.

  1. Fit the blinds

All the contents of the refurbishment are about the price, so the blinds are “very suitable”. In addition to low-cost expenses, they also help to soften the look and light of this bedroom while ensuring privacy and style for potential buyers.

So using blinds instead of curtains is also a way to save money to some extent.

  1. Decorate the room with decorative paintings

It is an adventurous behavior when choosing to decorate a room with decorative paintings such as art prints, as many potential buyers are not very interested in this. Some decorative paintings have different feelings for different people, but if you choose the right and appropriate decorative painting, it will enhance the decoration taste of the whole room, enhance the value of the house and attract more potential customers. Of course, on the other hand, decorative paintings are also relatively inexpensive decoration products, which are cheap and can also produce unexpected results.

  1. Stunning design

Stunning design is always eye-catching, such as setting up a separate dock in a family living by the water, and if there isn’t enough a manor, set up a waterside lounge by the water with a covered gazebo And the seat is also a good choice. A small timber pavilion is easily built by a handyman or carpenter on weekends. Suppose you use corrugated steel as the roof, but if you want a feeling of ventilation, you can use polycarbonate or even a sunshade. This project doesn’t have to be too cumbersome, and it can definitely be done simultaneously with large projects, especially if there are enough resources to find the material.

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