Research Reveals Most Popular (and Influential) Names In Australian Property

April 30, 2019

What’s in a name? Well, according to research by RateMyAgent, a lot…

Research by RateMyAgent the nation’s number one reviews, ratings and rankings website for real estate agents – has revealed Australia’s most popular, influential and endangered names in real estate, plus the agent names that clock the highest client satisfaction, with The Agent Name Report.

The report is the first of its kind ever conducted in Australia. Interesting, thought provoking, and at times frivolous, it analyses data from more than 36,000 agents across their 331,000 property sales*, with the country’s top 362 most-common names unveiling fascinating insights into the industry.

The most productive agents in real estate were found to be agents named Lucas, selling the most properties on average in Australia, with 25 per year; followed by Jarrod, Will, Clare and Marc, with 24 per year.

The Million Dollar Club, consisting of agents averaging more than $1,000,000 in property sales prices, saw Alexander take the lead with an average of $1,500,000; followed by William, Fred and Ivan – all reporting averages of $1,200,000.

Intriguingly, although women represented only 35% of the Million Dollar Club, female real estate agents were found to be weathering the market downturn better; with sales per female agent shirking just 7%, compared with 12% for males; and sales prices for females down just 0.3%, versus 1.0% for males.

Females also took out the top title for happiest customers – agents who sell on average above 50% of the property’s price expectation – with Cheryl ranking number one (61.5%). Rounding out the top four were Dylan (58.3%), Zac (58.3%) and Natasha (56.3%).

The report also revealed a link between a name’s length and average sales value, finding agents with longer names achieved higher average property sales, with each additional letter in the name adding an estimated $32,620 to the sales price.

Furthermore, The Agent Name Report examined 65 pairs of name variations (e.g. Alexander versus Alex) and confirmed in almost 90% of cases the variant with the longer name achieved a higher average sales value.

“What’s in a name? Well, if William Shakespeare were here, he would most likely say not Romeo and Juliet, who don’t even make the list. Agents are a competitive bunch, and those on top such as the Alexanders, Williams and Claires, will certainly enjoy this report. It also makes a very strong business case for having a long name, personally I’m thinking of changing mine,” said RateMyAgent CEO and co-founder Mark Armstrong.

The most popular names in the industry for men and women, respectively, were Michael and Michelle. Meanwhile, Amy and Bill reported rapid decline, or perhaps a career sea change, dropping 25% YoY**. The ‘Maureen’s officially became an endangered species – one of the top disappearing names in Australian real estate – and Jake was crowned the fastest growing agent name (up more than 25% YoY**).

RateMyAgent provides reviews, ratings and rankings for real estate agents in Australia. Verified reviews are attached to the property listing they relate to, ensuring that the information provided is unique to the agent and from a genuine property seller or buyer.


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