Second-Hand Grief From Celebrity Relationships

August 14, 2017

First Brangelina and now another Hollywood golden couple have called it quits. Chris Pratt and Anna Faris announced their split just last week after eight years of marriage, causing an absolute internet frenzy. Their goofy and seemingly nice personalities have won everyone over and their image as a powerhouse couple has made them a force in Hollywood for the last few years. Their breakup came as completely unexpected, blindsiding people and causing what seemed to be immense second-hand grief.

Judging by romantic Instagram posts a couple of months ago from the Hollywood couple, no one could have predicted that they would ever have decided to call it quits. It just goes to show that fame and celebrity is just a facade, and that behind that movie screen are the real issues that no one can begin to foresee.

Celebrity relationships are a hot commodity in the press, with rumours and scandals extending the life of what celebrities hope to be a closing chapter. Instead of being able to move on with their lives they are constantly hounded and pressured for more information.

It doesn’t help that ordinary people are also putting surmountable pressure on these relationships to work. Conjuring up terms such as power or golden couple or #relationshipgoals adds to the unrealistic view. More people are needing that hope and reassurance that these relationships falsely provide with people becoming heavily invested, whether as a way to compensate for their own lacklustre relationships or as a projection of their own hopes and desires. Expecting too much and pinning their wishes on something that looks good on the outside but as with Chris’s and Anna’s relationship, may be crumbling on the inside.  

Along with the pressures of marriage, celebrities also have an endless array of other worries to contend with. New found fame, cheating allegations from persistent tabloids, addictions and long distance struggles are just some of the issues these celebrities have to face beyond everyday married life. So you can never assume that just because these celebrities have the backings of fame and fortune that their relationships will come to be a happily ever after as well.

By Emily Facoory

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