Sexperts Predict Top Sex Trends for Aussies in 2021

January 21, 2021


Leading pleasure product brand, We-Vibe® has consulted sexperts from across the globe to predict the top trends for sex and pleasure coming in 2021, from virtual sex to innovative sex toys helping men achieve a female orgasm.

With the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking havoc on many sex lives across the globe, it is no shock that 2020 saw a dramatic increase in the purchasing of sex toys and couples sex tech. Wow Tech Group (the parent company of popular pleasure product brands We-VibeWomanizer and Arcwave) reported a 200 percent increase in online sales in April 2020, compared to the year prior.

As we roll over into 2021 and restrictions and lockdowns are still at play, sexperts shed light on the popularity of virtual sex and pleasure by tech that will continue to caress the nation this year.

Virtual s*x

Safe sex has taken on a completely new meaning this year. Whether sexting or masturbating together in front of the camera – 2020 revealed that couples are looking for new ways to defy distance and restrictions and embrace each other sexually.

Especially popular are sex toys that can be operated by the partner via remote control/app. During the pandemic, We-Vibe has seen the usage in their popular We-Connect app increase by almost 40 percent compared to the year prior.

Similarly, Australian Google Keyword Planner data reveals searches for ‘long-distance sex toys’ increased by 82% in March 2020.

AI for personalised pleasure

Nowadays, partners can not only remotely control various toys, but also “compose” their own vibration patterns and thus provide sensual surprises despite the distance. Looking into the future, sexperts suggest artificial intelligence will be used to automatically suggest preferred functions and vibration modes, allowing pleasure to be taken to a whole new individual experience.

Porn, but for your ears

With porn reportedly being used as a common tool to relieve stress, anxiety and negative feelings, it is no surprise that during the pandemic, the viewing of porn increased globally. With the increased viewing of porn, we also saw an increase in audio erotica hit the nation.

Australian Google Trends data reveals the searching of ‘audio porn’ increased by 53% between March and April 2020. Following this Google Trend spike and the growing popularity of podcasts, the sexperts envision erotica story telling will attract a lot of attention this year.

Sex education and destigmatisation of pleasure

 The Netflix series ‘Sex Education’ has led the charge on the conversation that sex education in school, often at home and just throughout day-to-day life, is less than adequate.

A recent survey revealed 94% of respondents stated that neither male nor female masturbation was discussed in sex education classes. Fortunately, there are more and more apps, podcasts and documentaries on the subject, with sexperts foreseeing that sex education and sexual empowerment centric topics will be on the forefront of 2021, continuing to breakdown the stigmas and taboos associated with pleasure.

Also aiding in the distigmatisation of pleasure is well-known celebs using their platform to educate and encourage people to take their pleasure seriously. As we saw in late 2020, British singer, song writer and author, Lily Allen partnered with Womanizer to lead the charge on the #IMasturbateDoYou campaign which encourages women to be sexually empowered.

Mindful Masturbation

In our busy world, many wellbeing experts are encouraging us to ‘slow down’ and practice mindfulness to live a more fulfilling life. The sex world is no different, with a trend towards mindful masturbation taking off across the globe with Australian Google Trends data revealing Aussie’s searching for information on ‘mindful pleasure’ was up by 125% between March and April. Leading sex educators are promoting the use of techniques more commonly found in yoga and meditation to achieve a more mindful pleasure experience.

Innovation of male sex-tech

In recent years, Western manufacturers have focused primarily on the development and marketing of pleasure products for women, while the range of products for men has been rather small and basic. However, with the launch of the newest male pleasure brand Arcwave in late 2020, which promises a whole new kind of pleasure with reported “mind-blowing” orgasms, 2021 will see a focus on redefining masculinity and elevating male masturbation.

Hormone-free contraception

The trend towards hormone-free contraception has been present during recent years. According to the German Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), the use of hormonal contraception has fallen by six percent compared with the 2011 survey.

The decrease in the use of hormonal contraception is spearheaded by concerns about long-term side effects, including a lack of libido. According to a recent survey, men rate their libido on a scale of 1 (very low libido) to 10 (very high libido) on average at 6.6, women at 5.5.

The difference cannot be causally attributed to taking the pill. Social taboos and stigma around female sexuality also play a major role, however switching to hormone-free contraception is seen as a way for women to explore their own sexuality.

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