SheDiscovers What’s New This Week – Menopause Edition

November 11, 2021

New Book Release – Our Hormones, Our Health

A handbook for women who want to understand their hormones and transform their lives for the better.

Hormones affect our health throughout our lives. So why do we so often assume they are mainly ‘a menopause thing’, and leave it until hot flushes arrive to start taking them seriously? The truth is that before the age of 50, many women find that their hormone-related symptoms just aren’t acknowledged, despite the impact they can have on almost every aspect of their lives, years before menopause hits.

Hormone imbalances can cause joint pain, weight gain, migraines, acne, sleepless nights, loss of libido, and much more. Medical science has come a long way in recent years, though, and there are wonderful treatment options available, including HRT, diet, and exercise. So why don’t more women know about them? Why are they still being told that they simply have to put up with these conditions?

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A New Women’s Health Service To Check Out – Juniper!

Modern menopause treatment for every woman

A telehealth clinic and community celebrating and supporting you through menopause.

New effective treatments

Ongoing care from specialist GPs

Free delivery Australia-wide

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A Podcast To Check Out – Believe Her

Join Registered Nutritional Therapist Jackie Lynch as she takes you on a journey through midlife to learn how diet and lifestyle can help you take control of your menopause symptoms.

Each month Jackie covers a range of topics, from managing hot flushes or dealing with anxiety to intimate health and strong bones. She’ll introduce you to some fascinating guests who can offer real insight into managing midlife hormonal changes and challenges, so that you truly can have a happy menopause.

Find out more about the podcast and Jackie’s work by visiting or follow on Twitter and Instagram @WellWellWellUK.

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  1. Hello,
    I have had blood tests to see if i am going through menopause and the results came back as Negative. I don’t believe those results, can you please email me some information about Menopause so that i have a better understanding about this?
    It would be much appreciated.

    Kind regards Sheridan.

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