#SheInspires Azulant Akora – Australian Haute Couture Designer

January 7, 2019

When you think of Haute Couture, Perth in Western Australia is probably not the first place that springs to mind. Yet Perth is the home of African Australian designer – Azulant Akora. Azulant is a millennial designer who creates beautiful Haute Couture pieces. She is well known for her use of fine merino wool, a quintessentially Australian product which carries the Australian spirit.

Serendipity was once again at play when I contacted Mephistopheles Productions-  France to write my article about Australian Fashion Designer- Azulant Akora. You see Mephistopheles have just opened an office in Sydney and the very day after I’d emailed them they were posting photos on Instagram of our very own Bondi Beach. I had no idea that my friends from Paris were expanding to my own country.It shows how much our fashion has been noticed around the world. Mephistopheles told me that we were very lucky, “ You have some very good designers here in Australia.”

Australian fashion is gaining momentum on the world stage and Azulant Akora presented her unique designs in Paris for the Autumn/ Winter Haute Couture Shows 2018/19 even though she only started showing her designs in 2013. Her beautiful designs were shown in July in the ornate hotel- Maison Des Champs- Élysées in Paris. Her Avatar collection was very well received.

About Azulant Akora

Azulant Akora was a good student who excelled academically. After graduating from school she studied law at both Murdoch University and Edith Cowan University. She was also a wonderful artist who had won awards for her art. Yet, fashion design was in the young designer’s DNA. Azulant learned to sew from her mother, Lesley who designed and crafted her own evening clothes. Whilst at University, Azulant continued to pursue her passion for fashion by pursuing private studies. Her fashions are works of art in 3D form.

Azulant Akora is an African- Australian designer who first came to prominence in 2013, when she made her debut on the Australian Fashion scene, garnering a highly coveted award at the Australian Wool Fashion Awards. The following year she received first place in the Formal Wear Category which was judged by a prestigious panel that included well known fashion designer – Akira Isogawa. Azulant’s classic red, “ Gabriella” gown made entirely of fine Australian merino wool, earned her a spot at Mercedes – Benz fashion week where she closed the live Rural Show. By 2014 Azulant  Akora launched her label at the celebration of African Australians to widespread critical acclaim.

In 2015 her fame was growing and Azulant Akora was invited to present the closing show at the prestigious LA Fashion Week Design Competition. 2017 was a busy year for Azulant. She was opening a flagship boutique, showcasing at Vancouver Fashion Week twice and participating in Wool Week 2017 all before presenting in Paris this year.

The quote that summed up her Paris show was, “ All energy is only borrowed and one day you have to give it back.” In life, everything is about balance; giving back as much as we take and respecting the Earth. This is why Avatar was a perfect title for this special collection.

Azulant Akora’s Designs

Azulant Akora is a design label that embodies unconventional angles and unexpected forms. Her artistic designs are fit for a red carpet or gala ball. They sparkle and wrap the female form in the most flattering ways. The Avatar collection showcases vibrant colours like Royal Blue, Royal Purple and Royal Green with hints of silver and gold. From her covetable beautiful royal green ball gown to a floral gown with mesh through to sparkling floaty designs and futuristic dresses in metallics and black, Azulant’s clothes are breathtaking and always surprising. Her sharp looks and womanly shapes are powerful looks for confident women.

Some of the women she has dressed include Vogue Italia covergirl-Ayor Makur, Samantha Sepulveda- model, police officer and social media star and Nicole Alexander, founder of Nickii Jean magazine. These are clothes inspired by Millenials and made by Millenials.

It will be interesting to see what’s next for this proud Australian designer who is shining a light on Australia and our beautiful, sustainable products like merino wool. Her clothes are created to make the wearer feel confident, elegant and timeless. It’s so inspiring to see Australian women achieving great things on the world stage and I will follow Azulant Akora’s upward trajectory with the greatest of interest and of course, marvel at the beautiful works of art that she creates to grace a woman’s body.

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