#SheReviews Blacklight with Liam Neeson

February 10, 2022

There are two reasons that I was excited to review the new Liam Neeson film Blacklight. Firstly my family are huge Liam Neeson fans. We have watched the Taken series again and again. It never gets old (a little like Liam himself). The second reason was that I’d heard the movie was shot in Melbourne and Canberra. It’s important to support our film industry, especially when a Hollywood blockbuster comes calling. Audiences will enjoy this Neeson vehicle if you like the formula of his previous films. It is an action packed crime drama that delves into the world of politics.

Directed and co – written by Mark Williams, who is well known for the series, Ozark and movies, Honest Thief, The Accountant and The Marksman, Blacklight is a revenge action drama.There are car chases, shadowy figures and double cross, plus enough twists and turns to tie you in knots. It has a slightly Taken feel to it in parts.

Interestingly, this is the first screenplay to be produced for Nick May. May was a former U.S. Department of Justice attorney during the Obama administration. He developed this story with Brandon Reavis.

The Story

In this tense action thriller, Travis Block, is a mysterious freelance government fixer who lives on the fringes and is coming to terms with his shadowy past. His best friend and mentor is FBI Director, Gabriel Robinson.They have shared their work and family lives since meeting in the defence forces. When Travis discovers an undercover team that is targeting US citizens, he finds himself at cross hairs with those he once helped protect.

Tasked with pulling undercover agents out of tricky situations, Block finds himself in the middle of a conspiracy when an undercover agent starts questioning the very people he is working for. Block must not only track down the agent , but also find out the truth. This may test even his questionable moral code.

Block attempts redemption by teaming up with a young journalist to try and get the truth out. But when his daughter and granddaughter are threatened, he must fight for their safety and find justice for his fellow agents.

The Cast

Liam Neeson is, as always, at his moody best in any action role. He is joined by an all star cast including Aidan Quinn ( Legends of the Fall ) as the tough FBI Director, with a closet full of secrets. Lighting up the screen is Taylor John Smith ( Sharp Objects) as the whistle blowing operative, Dusty. It is his intriguing back story which begins the movie. I can’t wait to see Taylor John Smith in the film adaptation of bestselling book, Where the Crawdads Sing.

Tim Draxl adds a British charm through his role as slick journalist , Drew Hawthorne. Emmy Raver – Lampman adds depth as young , curious journalist and eventual sidekick, Mira Jones. She is very good.

Travis Block’s daughter is thoughtfully played by Australian actress, Claire van der Boom. She brings out the lighter side of her Dad and can playfully tease him about his OCD and covert idiosyncrasies. Block’s love for his granddaughter brings an element of compassion to this story.


My husband and I both enjoyed this movie , but I must add we are both diehard Neeson fans. Blacklight combines drama and action paired with a believable story. The film will be in cinemas internationally from February 10, 2022. If you are a Taken fan this Liam Neeson movie might be one for you. Blacklight is rated PG 13 and has a running time of 108 minutes.


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