#SheReviews Gunpowder Milkshake

July 15, 2021


Gunpowder Milkshake is an all-out action, adventure, thriller movie in one. There are wonderful moments when you think, aww gee poor guys, then crack up laughing out loud as did other members of the audience. Even with all the blood and guts.

We were entertained by three generations of bad ass women who knew how to fight. Focused and platinum fit, fear was not an emotion they contemplated, and they were planners. Men if you thought power in numbers is the answer to success, then think again. Particularly when man’s greatest threat is the ultimate femme fatale revenge. Maybe it would be better for them to walk away, alas the thugs took little heed.

I was kept on the edge of my seat for the whole ride and for fans of the Kill Bill series then Gunpowder Milkshake is definitely for you. And we are taken to a fascinating library full of special books written by famous authors. Trust the girls to have a perfect storage and cataloguing system. Nice twist to the story.

The Story

Scarlets (Lena Headey well known for her role as Cersei Lannister in the epic Game of Thrones series) turbulent life as a professional assassin forces her to cruelly abandon her 12-year-old daughter Sam (Freya Allan) and go on the run. 

Now all grown up, despite the estrangement, Sam has forged her own path to become a cold blooded hit woman working for The Firm. But one high stake mission turns sour and puts an innocent 8-year-old girl in the middle of a gang war that Sam has unleashed. Feeling responsible for her actions Sam turns rogue and The Firm is not happy. 

This ultimately leads Sam back to her mother and her mother’s former hit-women sidekicks. Once reunited they become a force to be reckoned with as they begin an avenging war against those who took everything from them.

What is your definition of a mother daughter relationship? I can say without doubt, the bitter sweetness behaviours between Sam and Scarlet is not the stereotype run of the mill bond. But it doesn’t take long for them to realise how much they have in common when they try to take down the ruthless crime syndicate.  

The theme of the story is honourable yet not weak but like all relationships the girls have their flaws. I loved every minute of this vigorous fast-moving, heart-pounding movie. 

The Cast 

Sam (Scottish born Karen Gillan has a massive list of movies to her name, Doctor Who, Jumanji, Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more. She performs a brilliant action packed role as grown up Sam, daughter of Scarlet).  Young Sam (Freya Allan) holds her position well even at her young age.

Scarlet (Bermudan-English actor Lena Headey, apart from the epic Game of Thrones series has numerous movies to her name, The Brothers Grimm, The Remains of the Day, The Jungle Book, The Dark Crystal, Terminator, Mrs Dalloway, The Long Firm, to name a few. 

Madeleine (Carla Gugino), Anna May (Angela Bassett) Florence (Michelle Yeoh) and the darling ‘apprentice’ Emily (Chloe Coleman) all talented and familiar to the screen.

Also starring Nathan (Paul Giamatti), Rose (Joanna Bobin) including faces you will recognise through film or television.

Writer director Navot Papushado with fellow film and comics writer Ehud Lavski typecast they characters perfectly.  Kudos to the stunts persons and visual affects creators. 

In Cinemas 15 July 

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