#SheReviews How to Please a Woman

May 17, 2022

I could say good luck on How to Please a Woman, but if you see this Australian movie then men and women may learn a thing or two. 

It’s not all about the sex, it is about humanity, full of satirical humour and drama. I definitely recommend taking your partner, it could be a learning curve for many (said tongue in cheek). The male audience members sitting behind me thought it was funny they were laughing out loud all through the show, as was I. 

I had no idea the film was inspired by a true story, the concept based on an Australian company that offered sexual services exclusively for women. According to producers Tania Chambers and Judi Levine, the two founding women are the most unlikely candidates.

They realised it was the perfect opportunity to turn the story into a film, they had been looking for a project they could collaborate on and How To Please A Woman was a perfectly timed girt: a touching and entertaining story with instant appeal. It really immerses the audience in a world of sexuality that is neither salacious nor sexist. 

Writer and Director Renee Webster said this is a naughty film and I agree. Webster was able to extract tasteful portrayals of female sexuality without being tasteless. It is a female story told from a female perspective. It is a journey of discovery shared between women. 

Needless to say, the story took us on a revealing journey into the vulnerable world of what women really want and how hard it can be to get it right. Not to forget cleaning the house was an absolute priority for all the clients. It was a perfect balance of practicality, humour and tenderness. 

There were undoubtedly many truths that needed to be addressed and Award-winning actor, writer, comedian, and presenter Sally Phillips, playing the role of Gina, ensured her character fulfilled her commitment. This was a liberated story for women who had been afraid to ask for what they wanted at home, at work and in the bedroom. 

We all recognised Gina’s foodie manager Steve, played by the gorgeous Scottish-born New Zealand-Australian actor Erik Thomson, also dealing with previous relationship issues. 

Fabulous scenery, filming took place in Fremantle, Western Australia. All the actors were fabulous, many I recognised from popular Aussie TV series.  

The Story

I feel confident in saying that many women will relate to this story. Intelligent Gina, about to turn fifty, was stuck. Her marriage was passionless, she had lost her job, and her life was going nowhere other than living behind the scenes with little to no drive for much else.   

But I always say, life works in strange ways, negatives can be turned into positives and Gina was a classic example of this after losing her job. 

An unusual and unexpected opportunity arose following a surprise birthday gift from her ocean swimming girlfriends. Her gift turned up on her doorstep, his objective to do whatever Gina requested. Well, all our movie minds went into overdrive, he was a stripper after all. 

But it didn’t quite work out as imagined and many women will relate to Gina’s reaction when her well-built housecleaner arrived. She was not impressed nor in the mood for any frivolity. How could she when she felt tired and frustrated with life unable to embrace any passion, feeling as though she was always taken for granted, almost invisible?

So Gina put her gifted bloke to work cleaning her house instead which is when she struck an idea that eventually turned into a ground-breaking business opportunity. Not only did she take over a floundering business she provided employment for the existing staff, with bonuses.  

Notwithstanding all this, confronted with more than she imagined Gina faced both joys and struggles of running an unusual business, as well as confronting her own personal challenges. Finally Gina turned her life around and let her barriers down. It was a story about what was absent from these women’s lives, good sex, caring sex, and respectful sex oh and good house cleaners of course! 

Cast and Crew

Writer/Director: Renée Webster

 Executive Producers: Deanne Weir, Roxana McMallan, Olivia Humphrey, Pam & Julius Colman and Michela & Adrian Fini

Producers: Tania Chambers OAM S.P.A.& Judi Levine p.g.a.

Key Cast:
Sally Phillips (Gina)
Erik Thomson (Steve)
Alexander England (Tom)
Ryan Johnson (Anthony)
Caroline Brazier (Sandra)
Josh Thomson (Ben)
Hayley McElhinney (Hayley)
Tasma Walton (Monique)
Cameron Daddo (Adrian)

In Cinemas May 19

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