#SheTalks with Rebecca Maddern

July 22, 2020


Back on Nine for season 4, Australia Ninja Warrior (ANW) will feature tougher obstacles, game-changing advantages and new heroes to cheer for. Unlike anything seen before in ANW history, the stakes are raised with the addition of the daunting Power Tower where the two fastest Ninjas will go head-to-head on the four-storey high battleground to gain an edge that could change the game.

The competitor who goes furthest on the course in the fastest time will be crowned the Season 4 winner and take home $100,000. However, the Ninja that conquers the so-far-unclimbable Mt Midoriyama in the fastest time will win a staggering $400,000 and the title of Australia’s first ever Ninja Warrior.

#SheSociety talks with host Rebecca Maddern ahead of the launch of Australia Ninja Warrior this Sunday, July 26.

What drives you in your job?  

To be the best communicator I can possibly be. Communication on TV is a true craft – it’s a balance of disseminating information, engagement with your audience and showing personality so your audience can trust and relate to you. 

What has been the proudest moment in your career to date?  

My first night as co – host of the AFL Footy show in 2016 and hosting the Australian Open Tennis Men’s Final in 2019. Two TV events which have never been done before by a woman.

What are your top 3 bucket list items?

A safari in Africa, to establish a charity or organisation where I can help the disadvantaged and be in a Hollywood movie (unlikely).

What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given and by whom?

Best piece of advice from my mum. Go to bed, have a good sleep and it won’t be as bad in the morning.

Do you have a Quote you live by?

“I wouldn’t have thought so” It’s applicable to so many situations… try it!

How do you balance your career and being a mother?

It’s never balanced actually. I have very intense periods of filming and then quiet periods so it’s either all or nothing. I miss Ruby terribly when I’m working on big projects where my time is limited with her but then I miss work when I’m not busy. I have a wonderful husband and we just make it work.

What is your guilty TV viewing pleasure? 

I don’t watch trashy reality TV so mine would be AFL Footy – back to back games if I can

How do you keep a healthy lifestyle?

I have a healthy lifestyle because I don’t obsess about it and I don’t have hard and fast rules. If I want something naughty to eat, I’ll just eat it. If I feel like a drink, I just have one. 80 percent of the time I eat a balanced diet, but my philosophy is life is meant to be fun not obsessing about eating an ice cream as a treat.

What excites you about this year’s Australia Ninja Warrior? What can we look forward to this season? 

The 4th season is brilliant. We have new elements to the course like the Power Tower, which sees Ninjas racing side by side, something we’ve never seen on Ninja before. To top it off, we have a State of Origin Special, which sees the best ninjas in the country competing in teams – something we’ve also never seen before.

Have you ever tried to the Australia Ninja Warrior course?

Season 1 we weren’t allowed. Season 2 I was 21 weeks pregnant, so I had a good excuse, Season 3 I had just had Ruby so I wasn’t very fit, another good excuse. Season 4 I have no excuse, I just didn’t do it because I’m too scared. We did make a member of the commentary team do one obstacle this year and he smashed it. No it wasn’t Ben!

Image: @rebeccamaddern Instagram

#NinjaWarriorAU starts Sunday 7.00pm on Channel 9!


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