SheViews – Channing Running Wild

February 15, 2018

For those of you who like some true grit mixed with celebrity muscles and some great chat on your TV screen, settle in for a night of raw Channing Tatum at 8.35pm on SBS this evening.

The Hollywood superstar is the latest “guest” of world-renowned survivalist Bear Grylls in his heart-stopping Running Wild With…. Show.

Choppered into the wilds of the Sierra Nevada mountains in California for a high altitude adventure with only the clothes on their backs, a small backpack and lots of rope, the two tough guys face a string of high stake challenges.

You will see them snuggling on a cliff, feed each other live scorpions and kill a rattlesnake, all while trying to survive and make it to their “extraction point” and safety.

Along the way, Tatum and Grylls are forced to take off their pants, but it is the Chan’s running commentary that goes close to stealing the show.

Last week’s episode with Ben Stiller was great watching as the comedian and Grylls tackled the Scottish Highlands in pouring rain and dense fog with Stiller abseiling down a vertical cliff to find a dry cave to sleep in. Not to be sneezed at.

But the Chan, as you would expect, outmuscles Ben.   

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