#SheViews Married At First Sight

March 6, 2018

Hearts around Australia  are breaking thanks to Married at First Sight last night. Everyone’s #couplegoals Sarah and Telv had a very dramatic fight over…nothing?

The couple, who have been Australia’s favourites since the beginning, had an argument caused by Telv watching a Snapchat instead of listening to Sarah. The lovers quarrel has left viewers totally confused, and with a number of questions.

What actually happened? Why did Sarah get so upset? Does love even exist? Was the Snapchat worth it?

SheSociety is hoping these questions will be answered tonight as the couple discuss their relationship with Dr John Aiken.

Viewers are in for an emotional night so grab your tissues. Speaking of tonight’s episode, we can’t wait to see what the boys get up to on their night together. All of this drama is making the whole Dean/Davina ordeal seem so simple. Stay tuned folks! Don’t deny it… We know you’re watching.

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