September 13, 2021


Disclosure is an Australian movie with Australian actors. The setting in one location on a large homestead surrounded by luscious bushlands in the Dandenong Ranges in Melbourne. It seems to be the idyllic setting, happy families sharing the dream, until something happens. 

The film is a psychological drama as it explores complex responses between four middle-class adults. It challenges the truth about a confronting accusation by one of the children and writer director Michael Bentham grabs your attention. 

Who is telling the truth, what is the truth and will they ever know the real truth? It throws your mind into top gear. Although the story is not fast paced, it constantly evolves. It dares you to question the need for an open mind as there are two sides to every story.

The Story

A four- year old girl, whose parents are free-spirited and uninhibited, are thrown by her allegations against the nine-year old son of their friend who is also the local politician. The parents of each child bring real emotions to the screen as they try to resolve the situation but in no time their conversations degenerate and vicious accusations cause an escalating confrontation. 

Trust, loyalty and friendships are fractured and dribbles of past and present experiences begin to manifest from each parent. One a battled soldier dealing with his past days from fighting the Taliban,  his wife a journalist, their son they believe innocent. The other couple whose private home video of sensual acts in the bedroom casts doubt on their daughter’s home environment. 

It begs the question what would you do if it was your child? A small scene at the beginning of the movie places doubt in your mind on what actually occurred. As a parent, it is one of your worst nightmares, what would be the consequences of your actions? 

The cast 

Writer/Director: Michael Bentham
Producer: Donna Lyon, Executive Producer Shaun Miller
Cinematographer Mark Carey
Cast: Mark Leonard Winter, Geraldine Hakewill, Tom Wren, Matilda Ridgway


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