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July 15, 2020


Hashtag the contemporary Follow Me movie and you find it is about the dangers of social media. Hashtag pushing the limits to cater for a growing audience, hashtag reaching new levels and escalating their number of Likes.  Be prepared for action, violence and horror scenes.

How far do you go before the hash tag fun turns and the tide changes to hash tag what is real life?

Social Media VLOG star Cole (Keegan Allen from the TV hit series Pretty Little Liars) lost his mother at 18 and from there his entire life revolved around online activities where he reached the highest level of social media influence. He allowed his fans to choose his activities while watching them play out live.  

Erin, Coles girlfriend (Holland Roden from MTV’s Teen Wolf series) is conscientious and loyal who underestimates her natural wholesome beauty as she does her personality. Erin, at times, becomes overwhelmed by the limelight dating a famous influencer, travelling all over the world looking for new challenges. 

Nevertheless, Erin, and their close friends decide to take Cole and his millions of followers to the next level to celebrate the anniversary of Coles success and travel to Moscow, Russia. 

Unknowingly as they become entwined in the high rolling social media star lifestyle, their enthusiasm, as do their egos, enter a new level in their hash tag game. They have never seen anything like it. And this is when things change into a real life game, or is it? 

Hashtag what is real, hashtag every moment is your last, is where the line becomes blurred between real life and social media game playing.  How do you know the difference between reality and fantasy?

Sadly, in true life we have all seen television broadcasts on the deadly consequences from social media influences and we see it with Follow Me.  

Their next level is all about fighting for survival, hash tag live broadcast. How does it stop? The director of Escape Room, Will Wernick, is good at his craft and has the hash taggers sitting on the edge of their seats once again.

Like everything else in life, it eventually catches up with you as these group of young American thrill seekers end up playing a mysterious deadly game. Hash tag, what happens next?

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Release date in cinemas 16 July 2020.

Cast: Keegan Allen (Cole), Holland Roden (Erin), Denzel Whitaker (Thomas), Ronen Rubinstein (Alexei)
Pasha Lychnikoff (Andrei), George Janko (Dash), Siya Daniyar (Sam), Dimiter D. Marinov (Igor)


Written and Directed by; Will Wernick

Produced by; Sonia Lisette, Kelly Delson, Jeff Delson, Will Wernick

Director of Photography; Jason Goodell


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