#SheWatches – Red Joan

June 6, 2019

Red Joan, an historical drama based on an extraordinary true story. It poses questions. Was Joan Stanley (played by Sophie Cookson as a young woman and Dame Judi Dench post war years), as naïve as we thought, or simply doltish?

Did she really think she could live her later years unobtrusively in her tranquil English village? Eventually the past catches up with you as Joan later discovers when UK’s infamous security service MI5 pays her a visit.  

Who would have thought this young intelligent Cambridge University physics student in the 1930’s could be seduced by her equally young attractive smooth talking Russian colleague. Then knowingly betray her country for him!

Leo (played by actor Tom Hughes known for his role as Prince Albert in the TV series Victoria) was charming and persuasive. How could she not see what was happening? They say love is blind and it was.

A shattering betrayal of trust for her mentor Max (played by Stephen Campbell Moore from The History Boys films). He loved her whereas Leo’s intentions were self-evident.

Who was she trying to unrealistically save and at what price? Based on one of the most influential spies in living history we witness incredible circumstances unfold. It still bothers me the decisions made by Red Joan and I challenge her justification.

Well directed by Sir Trevor Nunn and thank you to Transmission Films and organiser Think Tank Communications.  

In Australian cinemas nationally June 6, 2019

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