#SheWatches Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep

November 7, 2019

You only have to mention a Stephen King movie and everyone goes “ooo scary” and normally I am the first to say this, but his stories always manage to incorporate a humanitarian aspect I find appealing. Directed by Mike Flanagan, Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, based on The Shining film series was spooky, but in a good way. 

Ewan McGregor played a superb role as Dan Torrance a struggling alcoholic who tried to avoid and bury frightening events that happened in his childhood. As in true life, eventually it all catches up with you, as it did with Dan. By chance he becomes Doctor Sleep. Or was it just chance, when he ends up working in a hospice? 

Teenager Abra, portrayed magnificently by young actor Kyliegh Curran was the powerful influence that forced Dan into facing his demons. Together they confronted the True Knot cult whose immortality relied on feeding off the shine of innocent souls. The cult’s leader Rose the Hat, played by Rebecca Ferguson was a dangerous yet charming force to be reckoned with. 

I’m not a lover of chilling movies but I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed it and didn’t cover my eyes once. For the millions of Stephen King followers, it’s a given they will see this story on the big screen. 

There is a great cast of actors, and producers Jon Berg and Trevor Macy made this movie work.

Release date in Australian cinemas 7 November 2019

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