#SheWatches The Keeper

July 24, 2019

When movies are based on a true story, you often discover astonishing tales you may never have known about otherwise. 

The Keeper is one of those movies, about a German Prisoner of War, Bert Trautmann, who was sent to Northern England at the end of WWII to play soccer.

Incredibly he later became an English Football legend as a goalkeeper, but not without suffering and sacrifice.

This dramatic story touches all of our senses. It revolves around human behaviour, resilience, grief, tenacity, forgiveness and the power of love.  

There is a strong element of sport throughout this complicated love story but it is definitely a movie to be seen by both men and women. If you follow the FA Cup and Manchester City, you may already know of Bert. I certainly didn’t. 

Without giving too much away, your heart goes out to the enemy and it is not all about the war. It is about how people dealt with prejudice and tragedy, from both sides, the struggles they faced and overcame in the face of adversity. 

The film and wonderful actors, David Kross and Freya Mavor makes the audience the first person. It is an extraordinary love story between two people from opposing countries, England and Germany.  

Director Marcus H. Rosenmuller shows us how reconciliation is possible, about individuals taking on responsibility for their actions and that solidarity and humanity has to be fought for, it doesn’t happen on its own. We all enjoyed this movie. 

Thanks to Icon Film Distribution, Think Tank Communications and SheSociety for this opportunity.

Release date in cinemas, 25 July 2019 and it truly is an amazing and inspirational story. 

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