#SheWatches Then Came You 

March 10, 2021


When I was asked to review a film set in Scotland my answer was a resounding ‘ YES’. We have been regular visitors to Scotland, visiting Cruden Bay, Aberdeen and Edinburgh many times. It’s a country full of natural beauty and although it can be bitterly cold, we have loved learning about the history and visiting historical buildings, enjoying delicious meals, tasting whisky and following in the footsteps of some of the world’s greatest writers and artists. The scenery in this new romantic comedy film Then Came You was breathtaking. 

Interestingly the screenplay was written by America’s darling , Kathie Lee Gifford, who also produced the film and stars in the lead role of Annabelle Wilson. Other drawcards were Craig Ferguson ( The Late Late Show and How to Train Your Dragon) who was perfect in the role of crusty Lord Howard Awd. The beautiful Elizabeth Hurley is a style icon for me, so I was keen to see her play, Clare. An actor I didn’t know was Ford Kiernan, who was lovely and very funny in the part of Howard’s best and only friend, Gavin. 

The film tells the story of Annabelle Wilson who has suddenly lost her husband of 32 years, Fred. Fred and Annabelle have always lived on Nantucket, running their hardware store and going to the movies every week. Fred’s will states the he wants his ashes placed in a ‘ box of chocolates’, as his favourite film was Forrest Gump. This discovery prompts Annabelle to set out to fulfil her own lifelong dreams. Armed with a list of her favourite 20 movies, Annabelle sells the store and house and leaves Nantucket to visit the places she has always dreamed of and only experienced through the movies. 

First stop is Scotland, home of Braveheart, where she meets the surly inn owner, Lord Howard Awd. Annabelle is at once stunned by the beauty of the Scottish landscape and on the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond she strikes up an unlikely friendship with this taciturn Scotsman. Polar opposites, Annabelle and Howard spend the week sharing secrets they’ve never shared and experience fun, laughter and a camaraderie which has been missing from both their lives. The mutual attraction is obvious and has you wondering if it will lead to a last chance at love for both of them. There’s just one catch: Lord Howard is scheduled to be married at the end of the week.

Kathie Lee Gifford is extremely warm and likeable in this role and manages to inject her signature razzle dazzle with some singing and high kicks. Craig Ferguson is twinkly and amusing, with a hidden heart of gold under the gruff exterior of Howard. He was a delight to watch. Hurley is at her icy, intimidating best and Gavin is steadfast and warm, with such a great sense of comedic timing. 

I enjoyed this film, as did my husband. We laughed and nodded along and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery, images of a Scottish lifestyle complete with a picturesque stately home and the warmth of this little village and its inhabitants. The romance was lovely and  aimed at our demographic, which we don’t mind at all. For a sweet and humorous film that will sweep you off to beautiful Scotland for a time head along to see the comedy romance, Then Came You. This lovely film will be in cinemas all around Australia on March 11. 


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