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May 4, 2021


When two-time Academy Award Winner Sir Michael Cain (The Dark Knight), stars in a movie there will likely be trouble and he will have a plan. I wouldn’t be surprised if he admitted to enjoying playing roles of the misunderstood villain, as he does it so well.  

The Story

In the movie TWIST, he plays the pseudo father (Fagan) to street youths,  providing them with food and shelter. But as anticipated he has an ulterior motive and it is always fun to discover what it may be.  

This is a thrilling up-to-date ‘twist’ on Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist (superbly played by Raff Law), set in the heartland of modern London. TWIST who was raised by his artist and single mother had a bright future in the art world as they regularly visited the London art galleries. As mother and mentor, they would sit in a gallery, play with their imaginations and discuss their views. 

Then life changes dramatically for TWIST when he loses his biggest supporter and his heart is shattered. With his sense of security gone, he finds relying on himself is the preferred option so decides to go it alone. Living in the streets, he develops into a  modern-day idealist, a loner graffiti artist whose specialty is high buildings. Needless to say, he eventually attracts attention from questionable street hustlers. They are young smart and sophisticated street kids and master computer hackers. 

The Cast

These young hustlers are an all-star British cast, Red  (Sophie Simnett from Daybreak), Bill Sikes, Sikes (Lena Heady-I recognised her from Game of Thrones), the Artful Dodger, Dodge (Riata Ora, 50 Shades of Grey),  Franz Drameh (Legends of Tomorrow) as Batesey, and play the game well. Also stars David Walliams (After Ever After) and Noel Clarke (Bulletproof).

I love how they, with their plotting leader Fagan, plan a sophisticated heist of the century combined with a compelling means of revenge and an ultimate payday. I enjoyed this movie directed by Marin Owen (The Intergalactic Adventures of Max Cloud), not too heavy but enough to keep me entertained and off the streets! 

Co-produced by Sky and Red Bull Media House. TWIST is written by John Wrathall (The Liability) and Sally Collett. Producers are Matt Williams, Ben Grass, Jason Maza and Noel Clarke.  

In Cinemas now.

The family that eats together, stays together.

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