#SheWatches UNHINGED

June 30, 2020



I think it is fair to say any movie starring Australian and Academy Award winner actor, Russell Crowe is guaranteed to hold your attention and in UNHINGED he certainly does that. 

Furthermore, this psychological thriller evolves around something we can all relate to sometime in our lives. We may have experienced it within our own frustrations or have been subjected to it, that is, road rage.

Caren Pistorius plays the role of Rachel, divorced, a single mother, a caregiver for family members and she is running late for work. At the traffic lights there is an altercation with…yes.. you guessed it, Russell Crowe who plays the role of the stranger in the other car. 

Little does Rachel know at the time, her angry response has targeted someone who is on the edge. The stranger has lost his job, his wife and soon his house. Life’s events have bashed him around, leaving him powerless, invisible and his wounds are raw. 

Russel Crowe plays the perfect, well not so perfect, stranger. He is not in a good place. And so the game of cat and mouse begins and Rachel’s life soon turns into chaos as with the people she is surrounded by. 

Can it be called revenge or is this worn down man wanting to find an opportunity to unleash his pent up frustrations? Is teaching someone a lesson the therapy he needed?

Does Rachel wish she had been less aggressive on the horn, should she have said sorry? 

Can you relate to the stranger? His reactions become a deadly lesson and he cannot let go.

The moral to the story is you never know how close you can get to someone who is about to become UNHINGED, until you do. 

I am normally a polite driver and this film reminds me never to change my ways.  

Most definitely a movie that places your mind in overdrive from the beginning, particularly as we all deal with the ongoing challenges in our pandemic world.    

In Australia the timing for release is perfect as cinemas begin to re-open. 

The release date for UNHINGED is 30 July 2020. 

Starring: Russell Crowe, Caren Pistorius, Gabriel Bateman

Directed by:  Derrick Borte, Written by: Carl Ellsworth, Produced by: Lisa Ellzey 

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