“Shipped” Couples Throughout History

February 13, 2019

Have you ever shipped a couple? The term ‘shipping’ comes from the word relationSHIP and refers to the the act of wanting two people to be together. Most commonly, it occurs in movies and TV shows, and their fans wish for two actors playing fictional characters to be romantically involved in real life. Here are the top shipped couples to make your heart melt and break at the same time…

Jack & Rose, Titanic

Baby & Johnny, Dirty Dancing

Ross & Rachel, Friends

Allie & Noah, The Notebook

Chuck & Blair, Gossip Girl

Patrick & Kat, 10 Things I Hate About You

Melanie & Jake, Sweet Home Alabama

Josie & Sam, Never Been Kissed

Edward & Vivien, Pretty Woman

Romeo & Juliet, Romeo + Juliet

Ally & Jackson, A Star Is Born

Elena & Stefan, The Vampire Diaries

Ennis & Jack, Brokeback Mountain

Molly & Sam, Ghost

Jacob & Hannah, Crazy Stupid Love

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