STRIVE TO BE KIND DAY: Remembering Allison Baden-Clay

July 28, 2022

The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation remembers Allison on the 10th anniversary of her passing. Over the past 10 years the Foundation has worked tirelessly to raise awareness on domestic and family violence. Strive To Be Kind Day places importance on the fundamentals of ‘Respect’ as the link between domestic and family violence and lack of respect and gender equality is undeniable.  

After 10 years, Allison is missed more than ever. She touched the lives of many as a loving mother, daughter, sister, niece and friend. Her parents, Geoff and Pricilla would like to thank the broader community, neighbours and friends who continue to support the family. 

To commemorate the anniversary of her death, Catherine Contay, an award winning, Brisbane based mosaic artist and educator has created a beautiful glass mosaic of three sunflowers to represent Allison’s three gorgeous girls, Hannah, Sarah and Ella who have shown strength and resilience after experiencing such significant loss.

Catherine has been creating with glass for more than 25 years. A member of the Creative Glass Guild of Queensland, Catherine loves the limitless potential that mosaic offers as an art form, while being sustainable and permanent. Glass being one of the most sustainable form/medium of art, Catherine said to SheSociety “One fingernail sized bit of glass can be cut into ten different pieces and used”. Showing the true sustainability of glass within mosaic artwork. She considers herself a ‘mosaic student for life’ as she continues to learn from artists, educators and colleagues from around the world as part of her art practice.

As we look to the future, it is our hope that Allison’s legacy will continue to make a positive difference in the community. Remember to always Strive to Be Kind.


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