Sunny Side Up!

January 12, 2017

She Brisbane spoke to Kaylene Harris from WARWICK Fabrics about this years colour trends. This is what she had to say…

“One of Pantone’s top 10 colours predicted as a trend for 2017 is Primrose Yellow. It’s such a bright, vivid colour and is sure to make a statement in your home, especially in sunny Queensland.

Personally, yellow is a favourite colour of mine and always brings a smile to my face. This colour is known to bring more attention than other colours on the spectrum and it’s certainly hard to miss!

Decorating your home in this colour can be a bit tricky sometimes – as an overabundance can have the opposite effect of the cheerful vibe you were hoping for. Too much yellow can cause agitation so try introducing it in small doses or teaming

it with colours such as warm reds and pinks, navy or bottle green.

Try different hues of yellow, warm or cool variations of this colour to add contrast in cushions, curtains or throws.

Make a bold statement with tiles, window frames or a bright front door. Or if you’re unsure of this colour try a bunch of yellow daisies on your kitchen window sill; I’m sure it will add a fresh and uplifting feeling to your room.”

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